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All of the Strong Bad Emails have page titles. This is a list of them all.

[edit] Strong Bad Email Menu

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Denny's Menu Strong Bad Email Menu (Tandy 400, Compy 386, Lappy 486) Denny's is an American restaurant chain.
Too busy to check e-mails Decemberween Email Menu
Flinger's Menu Strong Bad Email Menu (Corpy NT6) Flinger's is a fictional restaurant chain featured in the movie Office Space.
Denné's Menu Strong Bad Email Menu (Compé) "Denny's Menu" (see above) with the Compé's accented E.
Sbemails Strong Bad Email Menu (Lappier)

[edit] Emails

Page Title Appears In Notes and Explanations
Tandy 400!!! Emails 1-4, 7-19, 21, 23-33
Frampton's Camel 5: making out Frampton's Camel is Peter Frampton's longtime backing band, and the title of one of his albums.
Tandy 500!! 6: depressio
Mandy 400!! 20: spring cleaning
The Lost Email! 22: sb_email 22 The Brothers Chaps skipped over email 22 and went straight to 23, making 22 sometime later.
Tangerine Dreams!! 34: weird dream Tangerine Dreams is The Cheat's computer, which Strong Bad uses for this email while the Tandy 400 is broken.
Tandy 400: The Big Comeback!! 35: sisters Strong Bad returns to his Tandy 400, which has been shoddily patched up.
Tandy 400: Still Broken. Emails 36-38
Tandy 400: Still Bloke. 39: property of ones, 40: vacation
The Last Stand(y) of the Tandy 400 41: invisibility The Tandy 400 is thrown out and replaced with the Compy 386.
Compy 386!! Emails 42-44, 46-49, 51, 53-69, 71-117
COMPY 386 45: techno, 52: island
Lordy, Lordy! Look who's over there! 50: 50 emails Refers to large stand-up signs often rented for another's birthday and put in the birthday person's lawn as a pseudo-practical joke; one common sign says "Lordy, Lordy, Look who's Forty!"
Compy 086!! 70: big white face Refers to the old Macintosh screen Strong Bad uses in this email.
Compy 386?? 118: virus The Compy 386 gets 423,827 viruses and is "slightly-shotgunned" by Bubs.
Compy 386?? Not No More. 119: animal The debut of the Lappy 486.
Lappy 486 Emails 120-168, 170-201
Corpy NT6! 169: from work, 202: imaginary Strong Bad checks his email from the office computer, the Corpy NT6.
Compy Compé Emails 203-205
Econowave 4761-V 206: sbemail 206 Though this email features the debut of the Lappier, Strong Bad checks an email from a microwave at the start.
Lappier Than Thou 207: too cool A play on the phrase "holier than thou".
How Long Does it Load Again? 208: the next april fools thing This page title does not mention Strong Bad Emails, as the email is hidden inside an unrelated April Fools' toon. Folly says that the cartoon will load for 100 seconds.
Get the Droops! 209: parenting
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