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"Oh, I definitely say it's just the result of tight pants."

It's hard to hold down a conversation in Free Country, USA, because people are always walking in on conversations, interrupting them. These conversations usually make no sense because we only get to hear the end of them. Sometimes, the characters may be in the middle of a conversation when another character may show up. However, not all conversations are interrupted when someone—

[edit] Appearances

  • Homestarloween Party — At the beginning, various characters are talking to each other and Homestar interrupts their conversations to thank them for coming to his party.
  • Email the bird — The email starts with Strong Bad finishing up a story by saying "So I was like well, you think you're so hot, but me hot, me HOT!"
  • Email super powersStrong Bad looks onto the screen while Coach Z says to Homestar Runner, "Oh, I definitely say it's just the result of tight pants."
  • Email heliumThe Cheat floats onto the screen as Homestar says to Marzipan, "So from then on, it was pork and beans."
  • Email morning routine — Strong Sad interrupts Strong Bad after he begins sentences with, "The 'R' in 'routine' stands for 'rrrr...'", "The 'R' in 'routine' stands for...", and "The 'R' in 'routine'..."
  • Email fingers — Homestar, standing on a soapbox, says "...and frankly, I'm worried", before Strong Bad yells at him.
  • Email anything — Homestar walks on-screen, passing Coach Z and Strong Sad. As Homestar leaves, the two continue their conversation, with Coach Z saying, "So anyways, Reg had the ball at the top o' the key."
  • Email the show — When Strong Bad transitions to The Show, the scene starts with Homestar saying, "But it turned out I didn't die!"
  • Email army — The Homestarmy walks onto the screen as Strong Bad says to Strong Mad, "Yeah I don't know, maybe there is a goodminton."
  • Email pom pom — Homestar Runner and Coach Z debate whether it was dot-egg or dot-com before Strong Bad interrupts them, trying to pop Pom Pom. Later, as Strong Bad enters the scene where Pom Pom is filming his documentary, Bubs tells him, "And that's how I almost died the fifteenth time."
  • Email crying — Strong Bad walks onto the screen as Homestar says, "Yeah, you stay over there."
  • Email origins — The On Point Kings scene opens with Strong Bad telling The Cheat, "Hey, man, I know what it means. I was just seeing if you knew."
  • Bug In Mouth Disease — Homestar runs onto the screen as The King of Town says to Pom Pom, "I keep telling him that the sun don't rise and set on that pile of whatsit, but he don't want to listen."
  • A Folky Tale — The Easter egg begins with Bubs finishing a conversation on the telephone with Homestar.
  • Halloween Potion-ma-jig — Homestar walks onto the screen as Coach Z asks Pom Pom, "Really? Then how come they'll be all nice to ya and act like they like ya to your face?"
  • Email portrait (Easter egg) — The scene starts with Strong Bad saying, "So that's when I realized I don't even need Lamaze classes!"
  • No Hands On Deck! — When Cardboard Marzipan is "talking" to Homestar, she says, "...And they feed the ducks through a tube. Don't you think that's awful?"
  • Email coloring — Strong Bad walks in on Marzipan's L.U.R.N. session while she finishes, "So that way, you always feel guilty!" while standing next to a chalkboard that says "SOY IS ALSO MURDER".
  • Email 4 branches — Homestar stands on his Soapbox saying something to Strong Sad that ends with "Awash with flavor!"
  • Email strong badathlon — Marzipan tells Homsar at a tea party, "And that's why I believe the DNA evidence had been tampered with," just before a whatsit-covered The Cheat lands on the table.
  • Email unnatural — Strong Bad tells The Cheat at a tea party, "And that's when I tampered with the DNA evidence!" just before King Bubsgonzola Supreme stomps onto the scene.
  • Email the movies — A voice from the movie says "—but when I returned, the DNA evidence was gone!"
  • An Important Rap Song — The cartoon cuts in as Gunhaver tells the Blue Laser Commander something ending with "—pants back on, Blue Laser!" As it cuts to the Commander, he's holding his pants in front of him.
  • Ever and More — The cartoon cuts in as Coach Z is apparently describing a recipe involving a nineteen-wheeled tricycle. Strong Sad disapproves.
  • The Limozeen Advantage — As Advantage is coming out of the dressing room, one of its members says, " cats."
  • Email environment — Strong bad is interrupted twice after beginning a sentence with "my boat take..."
  • Email pet show — The Cheat apparently answers an unknown question with "With a rusty fork and a guitar string."
  • Email love poems — When Homestar arrives, he interrupts Strong Bad's sentence "you can always buy a fourteen-pound bag of extra-long—"
  • Email hiding — Strong Bad is talking to The Cheat when Homestar comes in, interrupting "...prestigious monk, but I-".
  • Email email thunder — Homestar is in the middle of typing an email when Strong Bad walks in. "—a protected landmark with surprisingly clean restrooms!" is heard. It is later revealed that he was talking about "Historic Not-In-Front-Of-My-Computer."
  • Where U Goin' 2? — At the very beginning, Strong Bad is talking to Strong Mad about paunchberry ice cream, but Strong Mad claims they were talking about motorcycles, to which Strong Bad replies, "Yeah, we probably were."

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