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Checkin' SBemails at the office.

The Corpy NT6 is the computer used by Strong Bad when working in The Office. Apparently, Strong Bad uses it for third-quarter projection analysis spreadsheets, checking email, and talking to the people on his Buddy List. It gets a Flamboyant System Error in Biz Cas Fri 1, and explodes (thanks to Homestar's 3 GB email attachment) in Biz Cas Fri 3. He salvages his Buddy List, which consists of Strong Mad and The Cheat, after the explosion by backing it up.

Its name was first shown in from work, when Strong Bad tried to stealthily check an email on it, and is a play on the Compy 386 and possibly Windows NT. "Corpy" is a portmanteau of "Compy" and "corporate".

In the Puppet series, the Corpy NT6 is a 1979 Apple II monitor and a Dell QuietKey keyboard.

The Corpy made its comeback in the Strong Bad Email imaginary. In Compy Catalog, the Corpy NT6 was replaced by the Compé as Strong Bad's computer.

Made by Corpy


[edit] Quick Facts

Debut: dullard

Interactive Feature: None

Font: Sydnie

Error Screen: The Corpy has a blue error screen similar to the Compy's, which places the text of the error in an ASCII art approximation of a window. A "Temp Log Off/Out Error" appears when the user presses Esc+Ctrl+Tab+Alt+both Shifts+Num Lock+~+< in response to the Log Off/Log Out prompt.

Number of emails checked on the computer: 2

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