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A work by Strong Bad for Strong Bad. And clearly unrelated to the works of Leomard Sportsinterviews.

From the Strong Bad Email diorama:

STRONG BAD: I say embrace it! I say deface it!

Strong Bad occasionally takes children's books, usually those written by the Sportsinterviews family, and changes the drawings and text in outlandish ways. He has occasionally claimed that he wrote these books himself, rather than editing the original text.

[edit] Major Defacements

[edit] Minor Defacements

  • Email dangeresque 3Renaldo holds up a newspaper which has had a new headline taped on top of the original. As the movie was written and directed by Strong Bad, he presumably made these alterations to the newspaper prop.
  • Email long pants — Strong Bad uses white-out on the Lappy 486 to edit an email that was too long.
  • Email record book — Strong Bad spills breakfast on the old record book when he sees his record for "Dirtiest Diapey".
  • Email coloring — Strong Bad colors in his Limozeen Coloring Book outside the lines, changing the context of the coloring pages.
  • Email hygiene — Strong Bad changes a dictionary so it defines hygiene as "how close people are willing to stand next to you".
  • Baddest of the Bands — Strong Bad once again colors a coloring book outside the lines to create a violent Teen Girl Squad comic that would offend Marzipan's sensibilities.
  • Kick-A-Ball — Strong Bad changes the rule book to say that double side-mouth whisper drafts are legal.
  • Email dictionary — Strong Bad "dribble-drabbles a little boodroscotch" on his dictionary to make the pages stick together and reduce the number of words.
  • Strong Bad reads "The Ocelot and the Porridge Maiden" (Teaser Trailer) - Worldbuilders 2014 — The narrator says Strong Bad is the author of "Everyone is Different" and "Tubky the Typo-Named Tub", although it is unknown whether he wrote the latter book or defaced it.

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