Emails That Meet Strong Bad's Approval

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"I'm gonna print this thing out and save it for posterity."

Even though there are a large number of emails, only a select few emails meet Strong Bad's approval.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email sisters — Strong Bad is very pleased with the fact that two hot ladies find him attractive, although the email is deleted while he is trying to respond.
  • Email the basics — Claimed to be Strong Bad's favorite email in labor day.
  • Email tape-leg — Strong Bad states that "Tape-leg is cool" when met with Homestar's disapproval of it in The System is Down. In personal favorites, he mentions that "tape-leg 2" is one of his favorites.
  • Emails gimmicks and invisibility — Some of Strong Bad's favorite emails, as mentioned in personal favorites.
  • Email your friends — His response is "This is the best email I've ever received." (Although, in another email, Strong Bad says not to type in all caps.)
  • Email autobiography — Because of its lack of misspellings, its good idea, and that it made fun of Strong Sad, Strong Bad labels it as a "SOLID email". He then proceeds to print out a copy of the email "for posterity" and "maybe a little prosperity".
  • Email caffeine — Strong Bad likes the "cut of [the sender's] jib [and] the sound of [his] town", and responds to the idea of giving Strong Sad caffeine with a devilish laugh.
  • Email pizza joint — Strong Bad responds to the idea of college girls coming to Strong Badia by talking rapidly and belly-hopping out of the house.
  • Email magic trick — Strong Bad thinks he might have to get married to the sender, Agnes, who suggests taking a saw to Homestar Runner.

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