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Who are those guys?

Unseen characters often play a part in the Homestar Runner body of work. They are characters who are heard, mentioned, or partially seen, but never completely seen by the viewers.


[edit] Heard

Characters who are heard, but never seen.

[edit] Mentioned

Characters who are mentioned, but never make an actual appearance.

[edit] Characters' Relatives

[edit] The Office Employees

[edit] Senders' Names from web comics

  • Colliding R. Reallying
  • Knowingest J. Drawbridges
  • Hooray4dolphins
  • Public D. Themackinest
  • Lowpoint K. Festivals
  • Tanktop H. Gravity
  • Pressured Q. Kibbles
  • Lamppost L. Smith
  • Brash R. HiMom
  • Freshfruit P. Cacophony

[edit] Mentioned in Credits

[edit] Others

[edit] Mentioned by fictional characters within the Homestar Runner universe

[edit] Not Seen Completely

Characters whose faces are always cut off by foreground objects or the border of the toon, or only seen via silhouette or cast shadows.

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