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Mancuso from Where's an Egg?, perhaps?

Mancuso is a person often mentioned in odd circumstances. In Biz Cas Fri 3, a Mancuso at Accounting is mentioned by Homestar Runner, who has on at least one occasion put his Three-Hole-Punch in the microwave. In Where's an Egg?, his garage is mentioned in the description. Using a Flash decompiler reveals that Mancuso appears to be the butler's name.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Mancuso's Older Brother

Side effects may include getting intentionally run down by Mancuso's older brother.

Mancuso's Older Brother is the older brother of Mancuso. He was likely arrested at some point, as evidenced by an existent mugshot. According to his mugshot, he was born on May 28, 1976. In Costume Commercial, the announcer suggests wearing a reflector to prevent being accidentally run down by Mancuso's Older Brother ever again, but also that it is possible that one will instead be intentionally run down by Mancuso's Older Brother.

[edit] Appearances

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