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"I just... don't think I can handle... eating this... asparagus."

because, as it were is an independent film by Strong Sad, clips of which are shown in the Strong Bad Email "independent". Strong Sad has proudly declared it the world's first "faux-budget" film; it was financed entirely with Monopoly money. The film's strange title is an excerpt from a sentence displayed in its first scene:

If not for inspiration, to
wit, because, as it were, only
begotten from greed, whosoever
would make its plaintiff clear.

-Nobody U. Know

The film appears to be very experimental, and is shot in black and white on a hand-held film camera. It features a bizarre soundtrack that Strong Sad made himself by weeping softly into the wrong end of a saxophone. The film's plot, if it can be called one, is extremely vague. There appear to be some recurring symbols, such as jigsaw puzzle pieces and a dead potted plant, but their significance and meanings are unknown. The only apparent character is played by Homestar Runner, who was paid 21 dollars of Monopoly money by Strong Sad. Homestar's character apparently doesn't think he can handle eating a piece of asparagus.

Once finished, because, as it were had a single 8:00 PM showing at the house of a man named Art. This was apparently followed by Strong Sad whining.

Strong Sad's previous attempts at experimental filmmaking were shown in Experimental Film and Sbemail 150?!?.

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