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Fashion AND environment stuff?

Scarfgirl is a popular women's magazine which includes, among other things, fashion and environment periodicals. Strong Bad writes a column for it under the pseudonym "Cara Carabowditbowdit" in an attempt to make the girls of the world "cooler for all us dudes." Marzipan reads the magazine with Homestar, though she doesn't approve of Strong Bad's column or his "pseudoname". Homestar thought this was because Marzipan was jealous of Cara getting all the hot boys, though Strong Bad dissuaded him. Some other topics it discusses in the featured February issue are "Is Politics Bad?", "Hybrid Cars!", "Celeb Shockers!" and "A Purse!" The magazine's cover model, as confirmed by the DVD commentary, is Jackie Chapman.

In Hremail 62, the Scarfgirl Rhinestone Jazzler was revealed to have created Homestar's emperor star.

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