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"You're a girl, or maybe a wagon, filled up with pancakes"
Live-action wagon

Wagon Fulla Pancakes is a red wagon (resembling the Radio Flyer type) filled with pancakes, whose first appearance was in the Strong Bad Email montage. During the "montage of montages", the wagon romances Strong Bad, sells toner with The Cheat, and defeats Homestar Runner for the Champeenship. It currently lives in Long Beach, California, with its spouse and two children (implying that the wagon and Strong Bad broke up somewhere along the road) and appears in television commercials for used car dealerships such as the one in Senorial Day. The wagon reads "4 wheels" on the sides, and Senor Cardgage once referred to it as a "little dog".

Other similar red wagons have appeared in The Reddest Radish, 3 Times Halloween Funjob, and Fall Float Parade.

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