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Huggin' and a-lovin' and a-livin' by the minute!

Metalmation presents a new episode of Limozeen: "but they're in space!", in which Limozeen hires an all-girl metal band to open one of their concerts.

Cast: (in order of appearance) Gary Palaroncini, Larry Palaroncini, Perry Palaroncini, Mary Palaroncini, Teeg Dougland, Advantage

Places: Outer Space, The Space Machine, Glen Burnie Space Arena, A Planet, Burgers! But They Are In Space, Recording Studio

Running Time: 3:43

DVD Exclusive: Everything Else, Volume 3


[edit] Transcript

Remember those guys in that band Limozeen?
Well, they turned their tour bus into a space machine!
But they're still Limozeen!

LARRY: We're still Limozeen!

NARRATOR: But they're in space!

LARRY: But we're in space!?

TEEG DOUGLAND: I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys. We've been relegated to DVD bonus content.

{Title card: Limozeen in The Limozeen Advantage. teleplay by F.A.O. Chimendez}

{Mary is playing Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey}

MARY: It's quite exciting, this computer magic!

TEEG DOUGLAND: I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys. If we don't find a new opening act, our show here at the Glen Burnie Space Arena will be canceled.

LARRY: Hey, guys! I think I found our new opening act! The luscious ladies from Advantage! {pronounced "odd-von-TAGE"}

PERRY: That was fast.

ADVANTAGE: Hey, guys!

ADVANTAGE LEAD: Thanks for letting us open for you!

MARY: An all-girl metal band?

TAWNY: Party!

TEEG DOUGLAND: You ladies better get on stage. The crowd's getting restless. They've stopped throwing bottles and started throwing meteors.

ADVANTAGE GUITARIST: See you guys after the show.

GARY: Are you sure about this, Larry?

LARRY: Yeah! Come on, guys! These chicks are totally hot! And I think they can play their instruments. Let's go check out their set!

GARY: Okay, but if their guitarist is better than me, there's no way I'm making out with her.

{cut to the arena. The curtain opens.}

MARY: It's a galactic space hippo spider!

LARRY: It must have kidnapped Advantage! {pronounced as before}

PERRY: We've gotta go after them.

LARRY: To the space machine!

{during the song, a montage of Limozeen chasing after the "hippo spider". The band head to an orange planet. Cut to a space platform labeled "Burgers! But they are in space!" Mary is seen eating several hamburgers while the band looks on disapprovingly. The hippo spider than appears and chases the band away. The Space Machine enters a wormhole and returns to the arena.}

ADVANTAGE: {singing} Huggin' and a-lovin' and a-livin' by the minute. Huggin' and a-lovin' and a-livin' by the minute! Chrome-plated carburator, my fish-net hose will see you later. In the race of love, you know I'm gonna win it, 'cause I'm huggin' and a-lovin' and I'm... livin' by the minute! Huggin' and a-lovin' and a-livin' by the minute. Huggin' and a-lovin' and a-livin' by the minute! ...


LARRY: Advantage! Are you all right?

PERRY: Where were you guys?

ADVANTAGE LEAD: We were just doing our make-up.

ADVANTAGE GUITARIST: Tawny needed more hairspray.

{cut to Tawny, whose hair now resembles a flowing waterfall}

TAWNY: Party!

{cut back to Limozeen}

MARY: But what about the galactic space hippo spider?

ADVANTAGE BASSIST: Isn't that just one of your stage props?

ADVANTAGE LEAD: Yeah, Larry. {cut to a technician working on the prop wearing a shirt that reads "Z Crue".} You battle it on-stage every night during your encore.

LARRY: Oh, that galactic space hippo spider!

ADVANTAGE GUITARIST: And another thing, Larry. Our band is called "Advantage" {holds up a t-shirt with Advantage's logo on} , not "Advantage" {faux French pronunciation}.

LARRY: "Advantage"? I thought you ladies were from the French nebula!

ADVANTAGE LEAD: {laughs} No! We're from Jersey.

{cut back to Tawny}

TAWNY: P-arty! {a fish jumps out of her waterfall-hair}

{Cuts to a wide shot of both bands laughing before fading to black. Pull away shot of the arena. Cut to Advantage on stage. Shot of Limozeen in the wings.}

GARY: Oh, I am so making out with her.

{title card "The End". Switch to live action Larry in a room filled with posters on the wall playing an acoustic guitar.}

LARRY: Oh, kids, it looks like we learned our lesson about all-girl metal bands from the lovely ladies of Advantage! {emphasis on the final syllable}

DIRECTOR: {offscreen} It's Advantage.

LARRY: Advantage! We'll see you next time on cable access, or maybe we'll just come by your house! {pauses and then coughs} I need some Throat Coat!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • The first Limozeen in Space toon ended with the real Larry Palaroncini asking kids to "join us next time...maybe on DVD!" and this is a DVD exclusive toon.
  • Mary is shown destroying the "Flying Vees" in Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey, which is impossible in the playable version.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • "F.A.O. Chimendez" mentioned on the title card is a play on the toy brand and store FAO Schwarz (named for Frederick August Otto Schwarz).
  • Throat Coat is a brand of herbal tea that is intended to improve throat health.
  • Glen Burnie is a town in Maryland.
  • The state of New Jersey is often colloquially abbreviated to "Jersey".
    • Jersey is also an island of British dependency near France.
  • The hamburger restaurant resembles Monolith Burger from Sierra's Space Quest franchise of adventure games.
  • Advantage is a parody of Josie and the Pussycats, who had their own cartoon set in outer space.
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