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This article is about the Limozeen band practice leading up to the first Limozeen Live! show. For other uses, see Limozeen Live!.
"We use no drums so our mom landlord can talk to her friend Gerdith."

Limozeen advertises their upcoming concert.

Cast (in order of appearance): Gary Palaroncini, Larry Palaroncini, Perry Palaroncini, Harry Palaroncini, The Exact Same (cameo)

Date: Monday, March 17, 2008

Running Time: 1:53

Page Title: I Can't Do Oranges!
Notice Page Title: Zeenin' into the Club Circuit!


[edit] Transcript

WHAT: LIMOZEEN is playing one of their trademark small club gigs after years of ARENA-ONLY shows! Featuring special guests SLOSHY, Schenkel McDoo of Taranchula, and who knows who else!

WHEN: THURSDAY MARCH 27th, 2008 9pm

*Located underneath the Dark Horse Tavern

(sorry kids and underage females!)
No advance ticket sales. Capacity is limited.

Watch us practicing in our parents' basement

{Gary, Larry, Harry and Perry are all holding guitars (in Larry's case, a Guitar Hero controller) and sitting in a room with a central microphone. The camera pans around the room throughout.}

LARRY: What? I can't do Oranges. I'm only, I'm on Medium.

{Popup: Larry actually can't get past Song 1 on EASY.}

LARRY: Er, what're we doin' next? Brain Sister? Brain Sister!

{Popup: Larry insists on holding that controller so he doesn't feel left out.}

HARRY?: Yep.

LARRY: Two, three, four! {Music starts.}

{Popup: A 'Brain Sister' is a girl that wears glasses and finished high school. (The text "wears glasses and" is subsequently crossed out.)}

LARRY: {singing} Well she was only twenty-seventeen, she was a low res beauty queen. She was a—

{Popup: Harry Palaroncini is our cousin from Long Island. Despite having black hair, he plays a mean rhythm guitar. (A line points to Harry.)}

GARY, PERRY & HARRY: {singing} Brain, Brain, Brain Sister.

LARRY: Tryin'-a put a rock on me. She was a—

{Popup: Medium soy latte with carob sprinkles. (A line points to the latte.)}

GARY, PERRY & HARRY: Brain, Brain, Brain Sister.

LARRY: Texas Instruments all day.

{Popup: Larry got this hat from the LAZOR guitarist 'Crush' (A line points to Larry's black hat.)}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet. And she remembers how they used to duet.

{Popup: We use acoustics and no drums when we practice so our mom can talk to her friend Gerdith. (The word "mom" is subsequently replaced with "landlord".)}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet. And she remembers how they used to duet! Th'all think you know what I mean!

{Popup: This is our new computer! Pentium 3, y'all! (A line points to the computer.)}

LARRY: All right!

{Gary plays a solo.}

{Popup: Gary called this solo a 'clamfest' but we think it totally shredded!}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet.

{Popup: ??? (A line points to The Exact Same.)}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet.

{Popup: Man, nothing gets Perry down!}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet.

{Popup: Comments popping up during a music video is a fresh, new idea!}

LARRY: And she remembers how they used to duet! Th'all think you know what I mean!

{Popup: This is our new TV! Cathode ray tubes, y'all! (A line points to the television.)}

LARRY: Oh yeah, all right. {They stop playing, then start again.} Oh yea— Oh yeah, ooh, all right. {They stop, then start, then stop.}

{Popup: We GOTTA work on this ending guys!}

LARRY: {speaking} Oh yeah.

{A single guitar chord is heard.}

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Explanations

  • The Limozeen appearance was hosted by Y-O-U. At the time, Y-O-U were in residency at the Atlanta 10 High Club performing as "The Surprise Party", where every week, they would perform a different show.

[edit] Trivia

[edit] Remarks

  • This toon used to only be found in the New Stuff menu, but not in any other page of the TV Time Toons Menu; it can now be found in the category Shorts.
  • The computer shown is a Dell of the same design as one that came out in 2000. The Pentium III was only in production from 1999 to 2003.

[edit] Inside References

[edit] Real-World References

  • The music video is in the fashion of Pop-Up Video, a VH1 series that played music videos with "info nuggets" that would pop up periodically to share trivia or jokes.
  • Larry's guitar in the opening segment is from the Guitar Hero series of games.
    • The guitar controller is for the Wii version; a Wii console can be seen on the counter. At the time, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock was the only game in the series released for the Wii.
    • The Guitar Hero controller features five different colored fret buttons, with harder difficulty settings requiring the use of progressively more buttons. The orange button is not used on Easy or Medium difficulty.
    • The first song in Guitar Hero III, which Larry purportedly cannot beat even on Easy, is "Slow Ride" by Foghat.
  • Crush's top hat is a reference to the musician Slash (best known as lead guitarist of Guns N' Roses) and his trademark top hat.
    • Slash is also a feature character in Guitar Hero III.

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