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"The Future Is You... Probably"

In addition to normal catch phrases on the part of the individual characters, numerous products and shows throughout the Homestar Runner universe have slogans, mottos or jingles.


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Ab-Abber 2000

[edit] Air Cardgage

  • "This is not what I sagged on for." — diorama

[edit] Always Be'sing & Do'sing

[edit] B. Ryan Holmes, Certified Arborist

  • "I think it has to do with trees!" — other days

[edit] Blubb-O's

[edit] Bubs' Concession Stand

[edit] Bubs' Old Pizza

[edit] Bull Honkey

[edit] Cheat Commandos

[edit] Cheat Commandos...O's

[edit] Chocolate Breakfast Candy Bar Pops!

[edit] Chocozuma's Revenge

[edit] city (comma) state

  • "In the dead of a small factory town, dealing with your quirky, dysfunctional family is the easiest part of the journey." — independent

[edit] Coach Z Ale

[edit] Cold One

[edit] Compé

  • "Because flat-panel sophistication demands made-up words." — Compy Catalog

[edit] Crazy Go Nuts University

  • "The future is you... probably" — CGNU
  • "Join the e-NIVERSITY e-VOLUTION e-DAY TODAY!!" (CGNU Online e-Niversity) — theme song

[edit] Cyber.Comma.Static

  • "In the dead of space, dealing with aliens is the easiest part of the voyage." — independent

[edit] Doctor Stankfoot's Watery Athlete's Foot Cream

  • "Got Stinkfoot? Get Stankfoot!" — modeling

[edit] File Folder Shaped Vitamins

[edit] Fish Lake

[edit] Fluffy Puff Marshmallows

[edit] Fluffy Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights

[edit] Genghis Khan for Women

[edit] Grampy Aught-Six

[edit] Hamburger Shampoo

[edit] Have Edge Times Magazine

  • "on the cutting edge of edge-having" — your edge

[edit] Homely Boy Brand Tube Socks

[edit] Hollerin' Jimmy's

  • "We have no idea what's in this box!!" (Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit) — lackey
  • "There is no way this thing really works!!" (Hollerin' Jimmy's Hovercraft Kit) — Happy Hallow-day

[edit] Hot Pooey

[edit] Hypothetic-O's

[edit] Jobar's Big Ol' Headache Medicine

[edit] Jurvy-Skat

[edit] Lappy 486

  • "Finally, a computer for your lap!" — animal

[edit] Last Minit Peanut Brittle

[edit] Litigation Jackson

[edit] Malinko Drinko

  • "Crystal clear like domestic beer!" — rough copy

[edit] Piemonade

[edit] Polymascotfoamalate

[edit] Portly Washboy Fancy Laundry Paste

  • "Don't eat it like the cartoon, man!" — radio

[edit] Public Radio Sounds

  • "Smooth 'n Smarmy" — radio

[edit] Roomy-Vac

  • "The Roomy-Vac is a real powerHOUSE...get it? Oh, you don't? Well, because it's the size of a... Oh, you were kidding? You do get it? Pretty good, huh? No?" — Compy Catalog

[edit] Rough Copy!

[edit] SB2O

[edit] Sbemailiarized Entertainment

[edit] SB Finest Colognac

  • "Drink it. Or wear it. We don't really give a care." — modeling


[edit] Scarfgirl

[edit] Schenectady Crispies

[edit] Senor Cardgage Mortgage

[edit] Sog Dog

[edit] Soundy Puffs

[edit] Stack 'Em to the Heavens

[edit] SteaKasTle

  • "We put two steaks in our name!" (One is the word "steak"! The other is the letter T.) — parenting

[edit] Strong Bad's Double Deuce-blemint Gum

  • "It's Light Green!!!" — 2 emails
  • "Strong Bad's Double Deuce-blemint Gum is the product of choice." — 2 emails

[edit] Strong Bad's EGGS

[edit] Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA

[edit] Strong Badia Action Cool News 5

[edit] Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum

  • "GET TO THA POINT!" — pizzaz

[edit] Strong Mad Oyster Smoothie Breath Caked Armpit Latte

[edit] Styles Upon Styles

  • "Steep prices and trees!" — animal

[edit] Suudsu

[edit] Suge Brown

[edit] Temporarios

[edit] That Clock

[edit] The Cheatcakes

[edit] The Great Mound

[edit] The King of Town's Very Own Quite Popular Cartoon Show

[edit] The KOT's Good Gravy

[edit] The Show

[edit] The Stab Yourself!

[edit] Things That Go Dump in the Night

[edit] This Brownie Might Kill You

[edit] Thorax Language Courses

  • "Learn to speak in another man's tongue!" — cheat talk

[edit] Uncle Strong Bad's Flavor Taste Style Chewing Powders

[edit] Videlectrix

  • "We use computers... to make video games!"

[edit] Whined & Dined

[edit] WSBD

  • "Several Dozen Listeners" — radio

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