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"Changing attitudes with rhyming platitudes!"

Always Be'sing and Do'sing (abbreviated as ABD) is a "totally not cultlike" movement founded by Homestar Runner to motivate and inspire, introduced in the next april fools thing. The full mantra is "always be'sing and do'sing, never cheesing or choosing". While none of these terms are clearly defined, "be'sing and do'sing" seems to refer to any activity that can be framed in terms of a specific location or state of mind and a specific action, as in Homestar's example: "I am currently be'sing on this boulder and I am do'sing an ABD workshop with you." Cheesing and choosing, the alleged antithesis of be'sing and do'sing, seems to be any activity of which Homestar disapproves, as threatening Homestar with violence is labelled as "choosing" and questioning the value of his life advice is "cheesing". The movement runs on catchy slogans and meaningless jargon, such as "if you're choosing, you're losing". Strong Bad is uninspired by its messages, and has claimed on Twitter to be "a lifelong cheesechooser".

At the end of the Strong Bad Email, Homestar announces an "Always Be's Do'sing 3 Day Life Cleanse Seminar" at Bubsmfort Inn and Suites Conference Center, where attendees can rid themselves of damaging cheesing and choosing and pick up a copy of his new textbook. Guest speakers include Homestar, Bubs (an entrepreneurial be's do'ser and self-made do's be'ser), and Strong Bad, though it's unclear whether this is willing on his part.

Strong Sad is apparently also an adherent, or has, at least, used the mantra to help him achieve success in Clapping Party.

The movement seems to be a parody of the "Always Be Closing" monologue from the beginning of the film Glengarry Glen Ross.

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