Fluffy Puff Malloweens

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"They're orange, doo doo, they're black, dee dee..."

Fluffy Puff Malloweens are special orange and black flavored Fluffy Puff Marshmallows put up as a Halloween offer. They taste the same, but look different! They fit on top of each other, allowing you to stack 'em to the heavens! They were seen in Malloween Commercial, where The Sad Kids each got a satchel full of them and Marshie attacked Homestar Runner with a "tidal wave" of them. Homestar refers to them as "marshalades".

In Later That Night..., Coach Z and Bubs met a Marshie mascot promoting the new Pumpkin-Spice-Latte-Flavored-Banana-Bread Malloweens. The mascot had apparently trapped Homestar in the costume.

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