Schenectady Crispies

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"I hope I don't get caught!"

"Schenectady Crispies are so freaking good, they taste twice! Once in your mouth, and once in your esophagus!"

Schenectady Crispies is a breakfast cereal that contains "mad chunks of real dough." They debuted as an Easter egg in the email labor day, but they later appeared in the email the bet, where it is shown that The King of Town likes them, as they are seen stored in his castle.

They were named after the sender of the email labor day, who went by the name "Chrispy" and hailed from Schenectady, NY.

The slogan used in the commercial Easter egg, "I hope I don't get caught!" is likely a reference to cereal commercials that feature a character trying to steal the cereal being advertised, such as Trix and Froot Loops.

Strong Bad later endorsed Temporarios cereal in much the same way that he advertised Schenectady Crispies, even employing the same background music.

[edit] Trivia

  • The "mad" in "mad chunks of real dough" is likely a regional colloquialism: among New Yorkers and residents of other Northeastern states, "mad" is often used as a slang intensifier for whichever word comes next. So the advertised "mad chunks of real dough" would mean "big" or "many chunks of real dough" to a native of the region, including someone from Schenectady.
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