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For the Strong Bad Email, see rough copy.
All the action you need!

Rough Copy! is an action-packed credit sequence in the email rough copy. In the style of a gritty cop show, Strong Bad and The Cheat star as police partners wearing barbed wire. The credit sequence promises "Promblem-Packed Action!" as the duo are seen running across rooftops and undertaking high-speed chases in the Gremlin. However, its production was swiftly halted by legal proceedings: Strong Bad and The Cheat infringed on Malinko's "highly intellectual property" by copying his drawing style.

The shot of the Gremlin driving down a highway repurposes a background from the Brothers Chaps-directed music video for "Figure Eight" by They Might Be Giants.

Its theme music would later be released on Homestar Runner Original Soundtrack Volume 3. The music has also been repurposed for another action-packed crime drama starring Strong Bad — the Dangeresque: Puppet Squad series.

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