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Litigation Jackson is an action-oriented lawyer, featured in an eponymous series of action/legal thriller movies. Both posters center Jackson (portrayed by Matt Chapman) posing dramatically with legal documents in front of large explosions. Although he serves as a prosecuting attorney in Free Country, USA, Strong Bad describes Jackson as "more of a 'dive out of an exploding building with a box full of legal briefs' kinda lawyer than a 'showdown against an international foods juggernaut' lawyer".

[edit] Name

The title parodies the 1988 film Action Jackson. To "litigate" means to engage in legal proceedings. "Legal action" is humorously conflated with the "action" movie genre; "Legal Action Jackson" could be considered a synonym for "Litigation Jackson".

The name "Litigation Jackson" previously appeared in the game Hairstyle Runner, as the title for a hairstyle in the gallery featuring hair resembling the letter J.

Similarly-named character Litigation Johnson offered a rave review of Thorax Corporation LLC,,.'s "Program Congratulation™®©" Produkt: "THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. has done it again! Honestly, they have broken (0) laws."

[edit] Movies

Rampagin' the courtroom

[edit] Litigation Jackson

"This Decemberween... The System Really Works, Jerks!"

The film was one of the sponsors of A Decemberween Pageant, alongside Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and Marshmallow Mayonnaise. It was released to theaters on December 27, 2002, a few days after the pageant. The film's poster portrays Litigation Jackson in a field, running from a massive explosion while carrying a bankers box labeled "LEGAL DOCUMENTS".

The movie was co-produced by Lem Sportsinterviews and the Delabors of Thorax Corporation. Thorax Legitimate and Sportsinterviews would later reunite to produce the Peasant's Quest movie.

[edit] Litigation Jackson 2: Legal Rampage

The film's sequel was revealed in an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email rampage; the email had discussed several types of rampages Strong Bad could go on, including "a legal rampage."

The poster features Litigation Jackson brandishing several "Important Legal Documents", implying higher stakes than the plain old "Legal Documents" in the original film; he is standing outside the New York County Courthouse, which is being rocked by another explosion. Although he appears to be wearing the same suit, his hair is noticeably curlier and he is wearing different sunglasses.

[edit] Other appearances

Later appearances in the Homestar Runner body of work treat Jackson as a real lawyer, not a fictional character.

In Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2, Litigation Jackson left a message for Marzipan. Acting as the attorney prosecuting Coach Z, he requested Marzipan testify as a witness in the case. He ended his call by repeating his catchphrase "The system really works, jerks!"

On the @StrongBadActual Twitter account, Litigation Jackson has become a running gag for any reason Strong Bad (or Harmless Junk, Inc.) may want to engage in legal action:

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