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"Ladies We're Staying in Room 302 at the Ramada"

There have been a few references to the year 1989 in the Homestar Runner Universe. Its relevance to The Brothers Chaps is unknown.

[edit] Appearances

  • Stinkomanual — The quote of the first boss, "I wish I still had a lungs!", is attributed to "Tampo '89".
  • Email long pantsEdga Jr. 2nd Paragraph Filter was programmed in 1989.
  • Email coloringLimozeen's "Ladies We're Staying in Room 302 at the Ramada" tour coloring book was apparently made in the year 1989.
  • Kick-A-Ball — The rulebook claims that double-side mouth whisper drafts "have been quite legal since 1989".
  • Compy CatalogStrong Bad's Compy Catalog has 2009 written over 1989.
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