Limozeen: "but they're in space!"

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""I'm afraid I've got some bad news, boys. You're in space!""
The Palaroncinis get animated

Limozeen: "but they're in space!" was a Saturday morning cartoon show produced by animation studio Metalmation and starring the band Limozeen. The band traveled across outer space in The Space Machine, for no good reason other than to both run away from and give backstage passes to the "hot babe-liens" of the galaxy. While most of the band was apparently represented accurately, one member (Mary) was portrayed with red hair and a pot-belly to add comic relief. Other characters included Teeg Dougland, the band's manager who gives the band bad news; Mitch Overlord, a cyborg most likely intended to be the show's main villain; and the magical prankster Bozar. The space alien Nebulon made a cameo appearance. The show ended with a message from the real Larry.

The show's pilot episode ("Encounter at Groupulon 5") was written by A. Chimendez.

The show had an extremely short run, being canceled during the pilot. Strong Bad owns the only known recording of the episode, which he introduced in the email "best thing". He describes it as the best thing he has ever seen, done, and eaten. Although not currently in rotation on TV, Larry has intimated that the cartoon could move to syndication or be released on DVD; the latter has proven true.

Despite the show's swift cancellation, clips of the cartoon have since been seen on the website, usually as Easter eggs in Strong Bad Emails; Rumble Red from the Old-Timey universe guest-starred with the band in 4 branches. In concert, Mary and Larry were seen watching basketball on ESPN Classic. In Limozeen vs. sloshy, the band was in pursuit of the sloshy tour van, which Gary destroyed with some hot lixx. A brand new episode, "The Limozeen Advantage", was released on Everything Else Vol. 3, in which an all-girl metal band, Advantage, was hired to open one of Limozeen's concerts. A video game based on the show, Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey, has also been released.

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