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Proudly displayed on the basement walls.

Gary Palaroncini, resident of Staten Island, is the lead guitarist for hair metal band Limozeen. He performs alongside fellow Palaroncinis Larry, Perry, and Mary; his mother is reportedly very proud of his guitar skills. His primary guitar is a metallic red Epiphone Evolution, and he has also played an Ibanez G800-XV and Hondo Coyote.

Gary is the inventor of The Hardest Chord Ever, a combination diminished 9th and a demonished 10th. The chord requires 11 fingers to execute on a standard 6-string guitar.

His name appears as one of the preset 50K racewalkers in the Videlectrix game of the same name.

In live action, he has been portrayed by Matt Chapman (who consistently provides his voice), Donnie Chapman, and occasionally Missy Palmer. J. Christopher Arrison has portrayed Gary in live performances.

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