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The Space Machine in outer space
The master of time and space

Outer space is a frequently referenced location. Nebulon lives here, and Strong Mad was shot into it in Marshmallow's Last Stand. It was also there that the pilot episode of Limozeen's short-lived TV show, Limozeen: "but they're in space!", took place. According to the old Yearbook Character Page, The Cheat might have come from space.

There are also 20X6 and Old-Timey versions of outer space. They seem no different from the present. There is also a moon in space.

In an Easter egg at the end of the email ghosts, Strong Sad sang a scary song from a bizarre cosmic place, and he commented that it's like he's "the master of time and space in here." Homsar also sang his solo here in One Two, One Two.

The entire email space program is concerned with Strong Bad's attempts to explore "the closest reaches of space" via his definitely-for-profit program SBASAF. Although he didn't succeed, the program's orientation filmstrip featured several inspiring cosmic vistas.

In Drive-Thru, Strong Bad launched a pump-up toy rocket with the hope of retrieving a space lobster from Europa (a moon of Jupiter). Although the toy rocket returned to the surface of the Earth with a lobster, a mysterious Drive-Thru Whale ate it and left the planet without Strong Bad's knowledge.

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