Limozeen Live! - 27 Mar 2008

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This article is about the March 27, 2008 performance by Limozeen. For other uses, see Limozeen Live!.
Rockin' out, for reals

The Limozeen Live! performance on March 27, 2008 was hosted by Y-O-U and was posted on YouTube on April 4, 2008 by "tdougland".

The members of Limozeen were portrayed by the following musicians, most of whom are members of Y-O-U:

On December 27, 2017, @StrongBadActual tweeted a link to a "way-more-than-decent quality audio" download of the show. The page title claims that it is a bootleg.

Running Time: 47:37

Page Title (HTML Version): Limozeen LIVE Bootleg!

[edit] Set List

Song Description Length Link Notes
sloshy live at 10 high - because it's midnite sloshy covers limozeen's biggest hit LIVE, contractually obligated by their label, of course. 0:56 watch Featuring sloshy
We Don't Really Even Care About You Limozeen covers Sloshy's number 84 (on the college charts) hit! 2:32 watch
Nite Mamas "50 miles an hour ain't no way to live your life..." 2:44 watch
Colorin' This song is quite possibly the only metal song about crayons. 2:34 watch
Showdown The Palaroncini brothers make time for a light workout in the middle of this inspirational rocker. 3:58 watch
Feed the Childrens Limozeen's touching benefit song: Feed the Childrens 1:31 watch
Today is Alright 4 2Nite From the closing credits of 'Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?' 2:53 watch
Women and Men Acoustic guitars and stools. That's all ya need. 3:51 watch New song
Livin' It Up (It's Tough Bein' A Box) Frontman Larry introduces us to the rest of the boys in Limozeen. 4:53 watch
Brain Sister Smart girls can be hot, too. Sometimes. 2:41 watch
Because, It's Midnite Heart of a lion...check. Wings of a bat...double check. 3:51 watch
Moving Very Slowly Taranchula frontman Schenkel McDoo joins Limozeen onstage for a happy song. 4:38 watch Featuring Taranchula lead singer Schenkel McDoo.
Trogdor S and more different S collide!! 2:46 watch Featuring Strong Bad in Schenkel McDoo's body.
Fhqwhgads After possessing Schenkel McDoo, Strong Bad tears up the #1 Jam of the Summer. 4:15 watch Featuring Strong Bad in Schenkel McDoo's body.
The Cheat Is Not Dead Limozeen helps Strong Bad rejoice in The Cheat's still-alive status. 4:30 watch Featuring Strong Bad in Schenkel McDoo's body.

[edit] Fun Facts

The alternate album cover for the bootleg version, embedded within the audio tracks.
  • Before Strong Bad sings "Fhqwhgads", he says, "This one's an least, it's an oldie where I come from," and "It's a blues riff in B. Watch me for the changes." This is a reference to Back to the Future where the same lines are spoken by Marty McFly.
  • Colorin' starts with a riff similar to AC/DC's Thunderstruck intro but slower.
  • Larry claims that Limozeen wrote "Today Is Alright 4 2nite," but in dangeresque 3, the credits claimed that it was written and performed by Strong Bad.
  • Larry claims that Gary's The Hardest Chord Ever is "a demonished 5th mixed with a diminished 7th" but Fretmagic's article says the chord is actually "a combination of a diminished 9th and a demonished 10th".
  • When Limozeen plays Nite Mamas, the karaoke video from strongbad_email.exe Disc Two can be seen on screen in the background.

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