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So... Yeah. This is my user page. Hello? Echo! I'm not longer active here.



[edit] Some Stuff About Me

Um... I was born in 1989, I live in Australia, I have a 14 year old brother, and an 18 year old sister. And I have Asperger's Syndrome. Hooray for Aspies, I guess.

I like reading. And making up stories and occasionally writing them down. I once had an enjoyable afternoon screencapping and colouring Teen Girl Squad Issue #9, which probably speaks volumes about me. Or at least a volume. Or a couple of sentences.

I get completely obsessed with things all the time. But my obsessions rarely last more than a month or two before I get completely obsessed with something else, which is a bit annoying. On the other hand, my Homestar Runner obsession lasted for twenty months, so I guess it's just that good.

[edit] Homestar Runner and me: Not Tragic or a Love Affair

I've been hearing about Homestar Runner for years. But I never actually looked at the website. I think I was allergic to Flash or something. These are the things I knew before I visited the website:

  • Homestar's appearance.
  • Pom Pom's name and appearance.
  • Strong Bad's name. And also that he was popular.
  • That the Strong Bad Emails existed, though I had no idea what they were.
  • Strong Badia's existance. I didn't know what that was either.
  • That there were a few DVDs out.
  • The whole "You can't get ye flask" thing.
  • The line "I'm sad that he's flying."
  • The line "To the mooooooon!"

I'd also seen the line "head asplode" and seen The Cheat icons approximately a billion times on LiveJournal, but I didn't connect them with Homestar Runner until later.

So anyway, one Thursday afternoon on the 31st of August 2006, I was really really bored. And flash cartoon starved. The Legendary Frog cartoons are good, but when you've watched them 785,294 times, they tend to get less good. So I remembered Homestar Runner, that flash cartoon with the weird storybook looking characters. I made myself a big bowl of macaroni and cheese and sat down to watch The King of Town cartoon, since that was the earliest cartoon on the site.

I wasn't too impressed. But I could see that it was a really early cartoon, and I knew it had to get better. Which it did. After I watched all the big toons, I clicked on the link that said sbemails, despaired at the amount of cartoons on the list, then watched them all within the space of 24 hours. There were 155 at the time. I ended up seeing almost all the cartoon within three days. It was pretty obvious to me that I was about to get a new obsession.

I was so obsessed that I spent AU$70(US$52) on the Strong Bad Email DVDs and CD. They were pretty cool. I was really happy the day they came, anyway.

My favourite character is Strong Bad by a long way, and my second favourite is Strong Sad. I kind of relate to them both in different ways. Strong Bad with his weirdness and snarkiness, and Strong Sad with his analness and pick-on...ness. Actually, I'm not that good at being snarky, because of my sensitivity to criticsm. you shouldn't dish it out if you can't take it, or however that saying goes. I'm a lot better than I was when I wrote that in late 2006, but it still upsets me disproportionately.

[edit] The Wiki

I've known about the Wiki for a while, mainly because, when I was in the Codename: Kids Next Door fandom, I used to Google for KND MSTings. This place was one of the few things that turned up, for some reason. At the time I thought that it was because of the reference to Homestar Runner in Operation: TRAINING, but that wasn't on here until I added it, so...

After actually watching Homestar Runner, I started hanging out here, for all my whatever-I-can-think-of-to-look-up needs. I already knew about the Easter Eggs, due to Strong Bad alluding to their existance in the process, so there were no revalations there. But all the pages were a lot of fun to read.

I joined the forums, after some deliberation, then joined the actual wiki. I'd already made some contributions, I just thought I'd better get a name. So I used the name I always use now. Which is Shwoo, as you may be able to tell.

I'll shut up about me now, and just put in some links to my accounts on some other sites. You can't be in fandom for six years without putting down some roots. I guess.

My LiveJournal
My account
My Deviant Art account
And just for fun, the first time my screen name was used. Ah, YBK Forums. How I miss you.

[edit] You Know You Watch Too Much Homestar Runner When:

  • Upon seeing a flyer written in a messy handwriting font, your first thought is "Is that AhnbergHand?"
    • You realise that it isn't, because the a's are a slightly different shape.
  • You have a Homestar Runner quote for almost every situation.
  • You have about a billion unfinished Homestar Runner fics, because you get new idea every time you watch a cartoon.
  • When watching a show with subtitles, you can't help but watch the subtitles closely to make sure they work properly.
    • Okay, so that's not strictly Homestar Runner, but that never would've happened if it hadn't been for my Homestar Runner obsession.
  • When you realise that the strange growling noises your brother's computer is making come from the Homestar Runner screensaver installed, you think "Oh, it's just Homestar."
  • You managed to typo "Remember when" as "Rememberween".

[edit] My contributions

Wiki talk pages: an organised forum for people to shout out their ideas all at the same time.

This is my awesomely shocking 1000th edit. I should've put an m next to it. For meganormous.

Created these pages:

Contributed heavily to:

Wrote the transcripts for:

Wrote or heavily contributed to these subtitle scripts:

I also made a spreadsheet with the frame count of all the Strong Bad Emails, so I could calculate the time it would take to watch them all. Took me two days because my computer's so slow.

[edit] Favourite Commentary Lines

I'm gonna do things a little differently with this favourite quotes thingy. And also copy and paste straight off the wiki pages.

STRONG BAD: ...So, if you're a gotta say "tonight" as much as possible.
MIKE: Mmhmm.
STRONG BAD: That's what I learned.
MIKE: Well, you say it a lot in this email.
STRONG BAD: Yeah, you're supposed to. Because you have to remind people, or they'll think it's the afternoon news, and they'll turn it off. Nobody wants to watch that crap.
(local news)

MATT: Um, so I remember when we were a kid, this part. It was from when we were kids. {This part has nothing to do with when he was a kid.}
MIKE: {holding in laughter} Yeah, that, that elementary school teacher we had.
MATT: Yeah, and there was this, this kid at school, too, who would do that thing, and we probably made a movie about it. Uh, me and Neil.
(do over)

MATT: That's the old Strong Bad mouth, though. That's not very good. I remember this, that VCR was pretty complicated—
MIKE: That's Strong Sad.
MATT: S—what'd I say?
MIKE: Strong Bad. Strong Bad's the one with the red face.

STRONG BAD: So this is me at the end of the email lookin' at the end of the email {starts speeding up} lookin' at the end of the email lookin' at the end of the email lookin' at—oh no! I've been through the time warp! Mike! It's yesterday!

MATT: Um... So this is the first appearance of Strong Bad.
(flag day)

COACH Z: Uh, a couple of DVDs came by locker {pronounces it "lacker"} room.
MIKE: Your lacker room? Your lack of room?
COACH Z: No, it's the room I keep all my lacquer.
(part-time job)

MATT: So don't, you guys, don't tell them about it; we had to change this so—
MIKE: Hot Cross Buns!
MATT: The Happy— the Happy B-day people—
MIKE: {simultaneously, sings} Hot Cross Buns! {alone, speaking} Those Nazis! {laughs}
MATT: {cracking up while speaking} —didn't come and make us pay them eight cents!
MIKE: The Hot Cross Buns people are totally cool.
(Strong Bad Sings)

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