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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="sbemail173.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="17" end="88" speaker="strongbad">Check the deck, y'all! Press eject, y'all! Well, it's another email and I'm about to reject y'all!</line>
<line start="89" end="104" speaker="strongbad">"Dear Strongbad,"</line>
<line start="105" end="125" speaker="strongbad">"Is the Paper really quitting?"</line>
<line start="126" end="166" speaker="strongbad">"Could you tell me the best moment that you had with the paper?"</line>
<line start="168" end="223" speaker="strongbad">"Thank You, Kyle Williams, North Ogden,  Ewwwtah"</line>
<line start="224" end="271" speaker="strongbad">No, The Paper's not quitting, Kyle, you total Ogdenite.</line>
<line start="272" end="343" speaker="strongbad">Ol' Papes is at the top of his game, the prime of his time, the cusp of his stuff!</line>
<line start="344" end="360" speaker="strongbad">OW!!!</line>
<line start="361" end="384" speaker="thepaper">distorted preeeow</line>
<line start="385" end="410"><strongbad voiceover="voiceover">The Paper! No!!!</strongbad><!--<text>I tHiNK i'MM rEAlllyy QUItTinG sTROng BBBaD</text>--></line>
<line start="411" end="466" speaker="strongbad">Why do all my thirty-year-old electronics keep breaking on me?!</line>
<line start="467" end="484"><thepaper>distorted preeeow</thepaper><!--<text>wE haDd A goOd RUN, oLD buDddy.</text>--></line>
<line start="485" end="503" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">We sure did, pal.</line>
<line start="504" end="575" speaker="strongbad">Why, I remember the day you were born like it was about to happen in a wavy flashback...</line>
<line start="593" end="615" speaker="lilstrongbad">Hurry up, Diaper Stripe!</line>
<line start="616" end="669" speaker="lilstrongbad">I wanna print out that butt I made out of hyphens and dollar signs!</line>
<line start="670" end="685" speaker="thepaper">preeeeow</line>
<line start="686" end="700" speaker="lilstrongbad">Did you hear that?</line>
<line start="701" end="721"><lilstrongbad>It said "Preeeeow!"</lilstrongbad><!--<text>Preeeeow, world.</text>--></line>
<line start="722" end="770" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">And you were always phenomenal over the boards on defense!</line>
<line start="771" end="800" speaker="homestar">Homestar had the ball at the top of the key.</line>
<line start="801" end="806" speaker="homestar">Dribble, dribble, shoot!</line>
<line start="807" end="822"><homestar>Dribble, dribble, shoot!</homestar><thepaper>preeeow</thepaper></line>
<line start="823" end="834" speaker="strongbad">Ooooh!</line>
<line start="835" end="859" speaker="strongbad">Get that weak mess outta here!</line>
<line start="860" end="930" speaker="homestar">Aw, man! Wish I had a time-and-space-transcending piece of paper on my team.</line>
<line start="931" end="965" speaker="homsar">AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa...</line>
<line start="966" end="983"><homsar volume="0.8">AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa...</homsar><strongbad voiceover="voiceover">I will admit, I wasn't crazy about your goth phase.</strongbad></line>
<line start="984" end="1012"><span style="visibility:hidden"><homsar volume="0.8">AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa...</homsar></span>
<strongbad voiceover="voiceover">I will admit, I wasn't crazy about your goth phase.</strongbad></line>
<line start="1013" end="1019" speaker="thepaper">muted preeeeow</line>
<line start="1020" end="1038"><thepaper>muted preeeeow</thepaper><strongbad sfx="sfx">yells</strongbad></line>
<line start="1039" end="1048" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Or your preppy phase, for that matter.</line>
<line start="1049" end="1073"><strongbad voiceover="voiceover">Or your preppy phase, for that matter.</strongbad><thepaper>preeeeow</thepaper></line>
<line start="1074" end="1122" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">But you always watched out for your younger brothers and sisters.</line>
<line start="1123" end="1166" speaker="homestar">Look, I was just trying to pour Mountain Dew on it!</line>
<line start="1167" end="1197" speaker="homestar">Ohwait. I mean Mello Yello on it!</line>
<line start="1198" end="1226" speaker="homestar">Ohwait. I mean Sierra Mist!</line>
<line start="1227" end="1244" speaker="homestar">Fresca! Surge!</line>
<line start="1245" end="1295" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">And who knows how many times you saved my shiny black keister?</line>
<line start="1296" end="1346" speaker="strongbad">How is this island sinking?! I didn't even kill any end bosses!</line>
<line start="1347" end="1360"><thepaper>preeeow</thepaper><!--<text>Anybody need a lift?</text>--></line>
<line start="1361" end="1397" speaker="strongbad">The Paper! I thought you were still in Pyongyang!</line>
<line start="1398" end="1422" speaker="strongbad">Let's go! Jump!</line>
<line start="1423" end="1486" speaker="sfx">Population Tire theme plays</line>
<line start="1498" end="1533" speaker="strongbad">I can't believe this is really it!</line>
<line start="1534" end="1567"><thepaper>distorted preeeow</thepaper><!--<text>iT is Tiime. YOU kNOw WhHat to dO.</text>--></line>
<line start="1568" end="1602" speaker="strongbad">Farewell, my strip├Ęd friend.</line>
<line start="1630" end="1761" speaker="strongbad"><i>(singing)</i> And The Paper goeth into the niiIIiiIIiiIIght!</line>
<line start="1762" end="1788" speaker="strongbad">How's it comin' up there, Bubs?</line>
<line start="1789" end="1809" speaker="bubs" voiceover="voiceover">I'm almost finished!</line>
<line start="1810" end="1887"><bubs voiceover="voiceover" sfx="sfx">grunting</bubs><sfx>ratcheting</sfx></line>
<line start="1888" end="1896" speaker="bubs" voiceover="voiceover">There!</line>
<line start="1897" end="1942" speaker="strongbad">Alright, now hit us with some Preeow 2.0!</line>
<line start="1943" end="1987" speaker="newpaper">printing and shuffling noises</line>
<line start="1988" end="2038" speaker="strongbad">What the? How am I ever supposed to pronounce that garglemesh?</line>
<line start="2039" end="2082" speaker="strongbad" sfx="sfx">imitates shuffling noises</line>
<line start="2083" end="2108" speaker="strongbad">Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.</line>
<line start="2109" end="2158" speaker="strongbad">Alright New Paper, you are officially on trial status.</line>
<line start="2159" end="2185" speaker="strongbad">So ya better get to impressin'!</line>
<line start="2186" end="2221" speaker="newpaper">more shuffling noises</line>
<line start="2222" end="2264" speaker="strongbad">Hm. Well... that's a start.</line>
<line start="2271" end="2317" speaker="homestar"><i>(singing)</i> The blood is rushing to my head...</line>
<line start="2318" end="2370" speaker="homestar">Blacking out, blacking out, blacking out...</line>
<line start="2376" end="2391" speaker="homestar">Dribble dribble, shoot!</line>
<line start="2392" end="2404" speaker="homestar">Dribble dribble, shoot shoot!</line>
<line start="2405" end="2421"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot!</homestar><coachz>Oooh, dang!</coachz></line>
<line start="2422" end="2435"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot shoot!</homestar><coachz sfx="sfx">claps</coachz></line>
<line start="2436" end="2450"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot!</homestar><coachz>Oooh, dang!</coachz></line>
<line start="2451" end="2464"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot shoot!</homestar><coachz sfx="sfx">claps</coachz></line>
<line start="2465" end="2475"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot!</homestar><coachz>Oooh, dang!</coachz><strongbad>Look!</strongbad></line>
<line start="2476" end="2495"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot shoot!</homestar><coachz sfx="sfx">claps</coachz><strongbad>We're not doing this again!</strongbad></line>
<line start="2496" end="2505"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot!</homestar><coachz>Oooh, dang!</coachz><strongbad>Look!</strongbad></line>
<line start="2506" end="2525"><homestar>Dribble dribble, shoot shoot!</homestar><coachz sfx="sfx">claps</coachz><strongbad>We're not doing this again!</strongbad></line>
<line start="2526" end="2545" speaker="strongbad">We're really not doing this again!</line>
<line start="2546" end="2563" speaker="sfx">buzzer</line>
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