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Subtitles logo These are the English subtitles for A Decemberween Pageant. watch this toon
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<transcript xml:lang="en-us" file="xmas2002.swf" width="550" height="400">
<line start="16" end="27" speaker="homestar">Wow.</line>
<line start="28" end="85" speaker="homestar">I can't believe the night of the big Decemberween pageant has finally arrived!</line>
<line start="86" end="145" speaker="homestar">After all the weeks and weeks of rehearsing and practicing and memorizing lines...</line>
<line start="146" end="175" speaker="marzipan" volume="0.7">Homestar, I don't think those are your lines.</line>
<line start="176" end="183"><sfx>record scratch</sfx><homestar>What?!</homestar></line>
<line start="184" end="195" speaker="sfx">audience laughs</line>
<line start="196" end="294" speaker="sfx">Decemberween music</line>
<line start="303" end="378"><sfx>Decemberween music</sfx><announcer voiceover="voiceover">A Decemberween Pageant is brought to you by Fluffy Puff Marshmallows and Marshmallow Mayonnaise.</announcer></line>
<line start="379" end="423"><sfx>Decemberween music</sfx><announcer volume="0.7" voiceover="voiceover">(singing) "Made from the best stuff!"</announcer></line>
<line start="424" end="472"><sfx>Decemberween music</sfx><announcer voiceover="voiceover">And Litigation Jackson, in theaters December 27th!</announcer></line>
<line start="517" end="565" speaker="kingoftown">Puts on a Burger King crown and thinks he's cock of the block!</line>
<line start="566" end="605" speaker="kingoftown">I can't believe they cast Homestar as the King of Town.</line>
<line start="606" end="628" speaker="bubs">Yep. They did.</line>
<line start="629" end="673" speaker="kingoftown">At least I still get to play Dr. Christmas. I can't wait to—</line>
<line start="674" end="719" speaker="bubs">Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you about that. Uh...</line>
<line start="738" end="780" speaker="coachz">Uh... Kingy? You can go home.</line>
<line start="781" end="827" speaker="bubs">Archibald! We've got to find the first Decemberween!</line>
<line start="828" end="863" speaker="strongbad">I'll search down by the docks.</line>
<line start="864" end="877" speaker="bubs" volume="0.9">What?</line>
<line start="878" end="925" speaker="strongbad" volume="0.9">The docks. I'll search down by the docks.</line>
<line start="926" end="962" speaker="bubs" volume="0.7">Ooh. I thought you said ducks.</line>
<line start="963" end="989" speaker="bubs">Good thinking! I'll come with ya.</line>
<line start="1010" end="1037"><sfx>audience applauds</sfx><coachz>Now that's what I call actin', boys!</coachz></line>
<line start="1038" end="1078" speaker="coachz">Don't go too far, Bubs! You're on again in farve!</line>
<line start="1079" end="1101" speaker="marzipan">I hardly recognize The Cheat.</line>
<line start="1102" end="1123" speaker="marzipan">His costume is really convincing.</line>
<line start="1124" end="1155" speaker="bubs">We'll need fifty bags of jold!</line>
<line start="1156" end="1205" speaker="bubs">I mean, gold! Fifty bag of golds.</line>
<line start="1206" end="1273" speaker="homestar">I just can't do it, Dr. Christmas. Famine has ruined all the town's gold.</line>
<line start="1274" end="1310" speaker="homestar">Let us away, Popular Vote!</line>
<line start="1311" end="1372"><strongbad sfx="sfx" voiceover="voiceover">grunts</strongbad><sfx>audience sounds impressed, then applauds</sfx></line>
<line start="1373" end="1405" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Okay. That's all you're getting out of me.</line>
<line start="1406" end="1429" speaker="strongbad" voiceover="voiceover">Guy's like a frickin' house.</line>
<line start="1430" end="1435" speaker="sfx">thump</line>
<line start="1436" end="1455" speaker="homestar" voiceover="voiceover">Oww!</line>
<line start="1456" end="1499" speaker="strongsad">Augh! I'm totally freaking out here!</line>
<line start="1500" end="1573" speaker="strongsad">I can't remember my lines, and if I don't remember my lines, then I'll ruin the whole play!</line>
<line start="1574" end="1595" speaker="strongsad">At least the pageant.</line>
<line start="1596" end="1608" speaker="sfx">audience applauds</line>
<line start="1609" end="1681" speaker="strongbad">How unfortunate! Oh, what a terrible fate has bestowed with me...</line>
<line start="1682" end="1721" speaker="strongbad">Uh, become to me...</line>
<line start="1723" end="1740" speaker="strongbad">There's a squid.</line>
<line start="1741" end="1800" speaker="marzipan">I'll never forget you, Popular Vote! Not in a million years!</line>
<line start="1801" end="1834" speaker="thecheat">sobs</line>
<line start="1835" end="1892" speaker="marzipan">Don't cry. Popular Votes aren't supposed to cry!</line>
<line start="1893" end="1907" speaker="marzipan">You might rust.</line>
<line start="1908" end="1931" speaker="sfx">audience laughs</line>
<line start="1932" end="1954" speaker="coachz">Oh! Hey! Ooh!</line>
<line start="1955" end="1990" speaker="coachz">Where's Strong Sad? He's on in two scenes!</line>
<line start="1991" end="2025" speaker="homestar">Oh. He got nervous and went to the bathroom.</line>
<line start="2026" end="2060" speaker="homestar">I think he might be up-chucking.</line>
<line start="2061" end="2098" speaker="coachz">Hey Strong Mad. I need you to go get your brother.</line>
<line start="2099" end="2145" speaker="strongmad">I'M OPEN. I'M OPEN!</line>
<line start="2146" end="2188" speaker="coachz">'Course you are, big guy. 'Course you are.</line>
<line start="2189" end="2238" speaker="strongbad">(singing) Everyone's searching, looking and searching...</line>
<line start="2239" end="2271" speaker="marzipan">(singing) And everyone's hanging around!</line>
<line start="2272" end="2324" speaker="bubs">(singing) And who can be sure if we're looking for something?</line>
<line start="2325" end="2371" speaker="homestar">(singing) And looking for something I aaaaaam!</line>
<line start="2372" end="2378" speaker="sfx">singing continues</line>
<line start="2379" end="2400" speaker="strongsad">I'll be there in a second.</line>
<line start="2401" end="2436" speaker="strongsad">Tell them to make something up until I get out there.</line>
<line start="2437" end="2451" speaker="sfx">audience applauds</line>
<line start="2452" end="2500" speaker="bubs">Everybody knows me. Mine name Cornbread.</line>
<line start="2501" end="2559" speaker="strongbad">Uhh... I found a computer. I think it can help us!</line>
<line start="2560" end="2601" speaker="bubs">So, this computer you speak of. Where is it?</line>
<line start="2602" end="2655" speaker="strongbad">Umm... on the moon. Naw it's a moon computer.</line>
<line start="2656" end="2694"><strongsad>Remember your line, remember your line...</strongsad><strongbad voiceover="voiceover" volume="0.6">Y'know, the kind the planets use to do their taxes.</strongbad></line>
<line start="2695" end="2742" speaker="marzipan">I can take you there! Everyone hop on!</line>
<line start="2743" end="2785" speaker="bubs">Behold! The first Decemberween!</line>
<line start="2786" end="2796" speaker="strongsad">What?</line>
<line start="2797" end="2864" speaker="sfx">audience applauds enthusiastically</line>
<line start="2865" end="2935"><sfx>audience applauds enthusiastically</sfx><homestar>This is the first Decemberween ever!</homestar></line>
<line start="2936" end="2995" speaker="sfx">audience cheers</line>
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