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"When you spin my buzzer, it plays the theme from Night Court starring Richard Moll."

"Spin my buzzer" is something that Homestar Runner likes to say, often when his dialogue is being ad-libbed. Homestar's buzzer, which is what he calls the propeller on his cap, makes a whirring noise when spun. Puppet Homestar has to provide this noise himself, while cartoon Homestar does not.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email car — While showing off his new tricked out propeller cap, Homestar asks Strong Bad to spin his buzzer. After Strong Bad obliges, Homestar hums the theme to Night Court, and insists that his buzzer is making the sounds. This is the first time "Spin my buzzer" is said on the site.
  • Some Puppet Stuff — Homestar asks Mike Chapman to spin his buzzer.
  • Puppets on the Road — Homestar asks Mike to spin his buzzer again.
  • Email origins (DVD commentary) — Homestar sings along to his bread sing-alongs during the commentary. For the third song, he sings, "Don't ask me whyyy! Spin my buzzer toniiight!"
  • Puppet Jam: Everybody Knows It — After he stops singing, Homestar says, "Usually I ask people to spin my buzzer. It's like, it's like telling them to sit on it. I'm like, SPIN MY BUZZER! It's how I mouth off."
  • Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 17.2 — Puppet Homestar ends his message with the saying.
  • Strong Bad Talking Plush — The plush contains a line from Homestar requesting the action, apparently recorded for his own cancelled plush.
  • Talk-It-Yourself Homestar Runner Puppet Plush — "Spin my buzzer!" is offered as an example of a phrase that one can make the puppet say.

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