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As seen in TROGDOR!

The Kerrek is a creature from the land of Peasantry created by Strong Bad. He is named after the sender of the email interview; Strong Bad thought the name "Kerrek" was cool and wrote an initial story: "And then Trogdor smote the Kerrek, and all was laid to Burnination."

The Kerrek appears rather like a pig or minotaur, with tusks, hooved feet, and a large horn protruding from his head. He is burninated in a cutscene in TROGDOR!, appearing even more pig-like after being roasted, and according to the game's credits he is "played" by Wordly Wise. His outfit is simply a loincloth held up by a smelly belt emblazoned with a K. He appears in the games Peasant's Quest and Trogday Micro Game, in both of which he must be killed for completion. The Jhonka is afraid of him.

As a teetotaler, he does not appreciate Cold Ones and is violently offended when offered one. Despite this, he is shown clearly enjoying a Cold Ones bottle in the illustration for day 19 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar, though this is quickly revealed to be Non-Cold Onesaholic Kerrek Brau, stated to be made of "100% real sweat from the Kerrek's brow".

He appears to be based on the giant from the first King's Quest game.

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