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These characters all have minor roles in homestarrunner.com games or other Videlectrix games.

Image Name & Description Game
The 3D Shield Guy appears in StrongBadZone. He attempts to use his Cyber-Shield to deflect Vector Strong Bad's attacks. If he doesn't, his "head a splodes". StrongBadZone
The Algebra Rabbit first appeared in Rabbit Algebra. He asked kids to solve complicated mathematics, such as "X2+18=99" and "X2+28=44". Rabbit Algebra
The Duck Pond Guy appeared in the Atari 2600 version of Duck Pond. He feeds the ducks by throwing pieces of bread in the pond. He can also throw anvils. Duck Pond
Pageboy is a character from Pigs on Head that attempts to catch falling pigs on his head, then pass them off to either Hank or Frank. Although he appears to be bald in the 2 emails version, on the box art for the game, he actually has blue hair, much like Stinkoman's. Pigs on Head
The Rhino appeared in RhinoFeeder. He is a hungry rhino, and the goal of the game is to feed him to keep him from getting angry and running over Strong Bad. RhinoFeeder
The Seagull appeared in take-a-break.exe and Population: Tire. It flies across the sky and squawks. It also appears in Weclome Back, where Bubs tells it, "You shut your face!" take-a-break.exe, Population: Tire

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