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Sheet music

Smells Like Peanut Action is the name of the piece of music that plays while Strong Bad describes his perfect action figure in the Strong Bad Email action figure. Strong Bad hums the same tune as he opens the email. The title comes from a remark Strong Bad made as he held up his attempt at making his own action figure, Peanut Strong Bad.

The tune returns in the Ab-Abber commercial in suntan, and in the Firebert action figure Easter egg from army. It has also come to be associated with Strong Badman, as it plays during his sequence in alternate universe, and a remix of it plays when his movie adaptation is being described in Comic Book Movie.

This music also plays during the Free Country USA Race to the End of the Race segment in Homestar Ruiner. In the SBCG4AP Playthrough livestream, Strong Bad remarks "I love this action figure music. Some of my best works."

The sheet music was featured on day 8 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar.

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