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A list of all emails seen on the website and DVDs, sent to Strong Bad, whether they are featured or not, sorted by the name of sender.


A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z No Name

[edit] A

Name Nickname(s) Email
Aaron C super powers
Aaron Pratt fingers
Abdi LaRue some kinda robot, flashback, Accent
Agnes babehoney, honbaby, sweet wife Agnes magic trick
Alex 1 step ahead
Albin J. Albi best thing
Ali Ali Jr. (her sister, in "do over"), Sally (in "do over") sisters, do over
All the college dorm girls of MO Some stupid girls that are probably really guys email thunder
Allison All Is On for kids
Amber email thunder
Andrew your friends
Andrew Shapiro unused emails
Andy Hsiao Andy H-S-I-A-O and sometimes Y, Andyman looking old
Anonymous Contributor Anonny rock opera
Anthony depressio
Ashley and Anthony Ash and Ant, Ley and Thony, Shle and Ntho (all in "do over") little animal, do over

[edit] B

Name Nickname(s) Email
Ben halloweener
Bettina E-mail Birds
Bibendum Addendum your funeral
Brandon Hicks fingers
Brandon Hofer 3 wishes
Brian Brianrietta, Brian-Sue brianrietta
Brian Holmes B Ryan Holmes other days
Bridget cheatday
Brittany comic
BrothaCheese vacation
Buck Webb lady fan

[edit] C

Name Nickname(s) Email
Caitlyn spring cleaning
Callie Jackson boring (really)
Cat Catman garage sale
Cephas Cephas Cornwall of the Corn Army myths & legends
Chad spring cleaning
Chris Chris Ann the bet
Chris Frank secret identity
Chrispy Schenectady Crispies labor day
Clancy Clanky long pants
Cooper A person called Cooper, Coopreme the movies
Cory Citizens of Cory cheat talk
Cory Dewey-Smith 12:00
Costrick Cross-stitch, Caustic dictionary
Crazyclemens C.C. privileges

[edit] D

Name Nickname(s) Email
Dan band names
Dan Big, Dumb Moron autobiography
Dan Jerome anything
Dan Chase unused emails
Dan D. local news
Dan Waters property of ones
Dane death metal
Daniel sugarbob
Daniel Another freakin' guy named Daniel trading cards
Danny 2 emails
Danny Gedgafov Danny Geh-geh-geh, Gih-gih-gih, Gekakoff, Plain Ol' Danny dreamail
Daphne pizza joint
Darren April Fool 09
Dave Nienaber Naber 2 emails
David Jacobus lures & jigs
David fan club
Derek huttah!
Derek Highet Derek Highead, Heyhed, Hihed, Hiet guitar
Devon Sbemailiarized!
DJ Solerous DJ Smoldyface crying
Doug ghosts
Dude 1 hiding
Dylan Bragers Coolio da Fabio, quit making up nicknames for yourself, Dealin' Burgers portrait
Dynomite Boston date

[edit] E

Name Nickname(s) Email
E. Fullmer Endiment, Endy 2 years
Em Emerson, Embrodak, Emtarkanderundersgunderson the process
Emily C marzipan
Evan unused emails
-=Evil Gif=- Evil moms choose Evil Gif, Gif, Evil Jeff independent

[edit] F

Name Nickname(s) Email
FAF FAN #23 #23 Greeting Cards
fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf Fhqwhgads i love you
Frankdog fingers
Fraser My Son radio

[edit] G

Name Nickname(s) Email
Gary isp
Gee Tee your edge
Geroge cartoon
Grant Sick Day
Grant Gossman Grossman narrator
Great Looking Girl i she be
Gunkiller Gunk Iller, Gunky web comics

[edit] H

Name Nickname(s) Email
Haley huttah!
Hank Toler Hankatola, My dear Hankerin' army
Hannah email thunder
Harry Earlenmacherg Harry Ergonomics, Düsseldörke, Ger-man, Deutschman haircut
Heather fingers
Henry Wisner Crudkid imaginary
HockeymanJ05 Hockey Jockey Man Oh... Whatever, Hockeyfriend, Soccerdude personal favorites
Holmes huttah!
128 Hot Katies dreamail
Hunter part-time job

[edit] I

Name Nickname(s) Email
Ike mascot

[edit] J

Name Nickname(s) Email
J.Hazard Hit-Enter-Too-Soon Man, Hazbro winter pool
Jake Little Jakey Pleasenthanks, Jakesy, Jakenstein, Jake-ula (in retirement) cliffhangers
James Website website
James caper
James F James Ffffffff japanese cartoon
Jamie Ericson Hom-ee-ay Eric-SON, (unintelligible mumbles) redesign
Janus other days
Jaro Family Resemblence
Jason dullard
Jay technology
Jeffrey Desterhoft Jeffy, Crapface replacement
Jeffrey Gilligan E-mail Birds
Jen C big white face
Jenny disconnected
Jess and Tiff 50 emails
Jess G. Jess G'oh! the facts
Jimmy Little Jimmy 2 emails
Jimty Sbemailiarized
Jody (not a girl) Jody (Bulldozer), Ms. Dozer alternate universe
Joe P Jopy stand-up
John, and some other people who aren't scam artists Superfied Credit Union credit card
John ghosts
John Katulla John Katu-lalalalalalala, Mothmouth hygiene
John Newell Johnnywell dangeresque 3
Jon flashback
Jonathan Shaheen Sha-heen! (with lens flares and special effects), Supper Bag theme song
Jordan Jor-dan kind of cool
Jordan Reynolds current status
Josh ghosts
Josh Joshoakland, Josho retirement
Josh Somekindaguy {pronounced "Soma-keenda-goo-ay"}, joshCO!, Soma nightlife
Joy Accent
Just Another Hopeless Romantic Homeless Romantic, Homeless Roma'ic love poems
Justin caffeine
Justin Corcoran Huge To The Dork, Whatever Your Name Was extra plug
Justin Wagley this just in, Wagley bedtime story

[edit] K

Name Nickname(s) Email
Kaitlin G. Generic Name monument
Kaizer dragon
Kat pop-up
Keith Pakeithpsy the chair
Kelly Kellyoosa hremail 3184
Kerrek interview
Kev the Mighty Kev the Moron SBCG4AP Advertisement
Kevin pom pom
Kevin Grumbles Kevin {grumbles} stupid stuff
KG Cagey Veteran Dad's Garage & Friends - 13 Jun 2015
Kissless in Santa Rosa making out
Kristian WithaK Kristi Ann Withak too cool
Kyle car
Kyle Rechsteiner action figure
Kyle Smith The Yellow Dart english paper
Kyle Williams you total Ogdenite the paper

[edit] L

Name Nickname(s) Email
Lasko Laaaasko huttah!
Lee Conrad Jwee fingers
L. Eftformat rated
Leonard Lucy, Whoever Real-Live E-Mails
Leonard Nimoy dreamail
Lewis Rudkin Rudkin Shampoo strong badathlon
Lord Elsington Hallstingdingdingworth Buffoon, Carpet Bagger, Poor Sap 50 emails
Lorenzo and Fillbert Danny
Louis Luis, Lewis, Louie, Lucy stunt double
Luke Van Peebles, Claire origins
Luke S. Luke South retirement
Lyd and Jules ladies?, possibly ladies, maybe ladies environment

[edit] M

Name Nickname(s) Email
Malinko rough copy
Marc Baroni Macaroni from A to Z, Alphabet Macaroni, Shoshoni Macaroni geddup noise
Margo CGNU
Marie weird dream
Mark Marke sb_email 22
Matt Fratty theme party
Matt Deleted 50 emails
Matt M. senior prom
Matt Macro Pika Matt Massapequa sbemail 206
Meg KS suntan
Meghan Meg-Han modeling
Melissa and Hillary Mellie, Hillarious, Couthy, Girls secret recipes
Mendelev no loafing
Micah email thunder
Mike Mike, Uk i rule
Mike spring cleaning
Mike Nerd 50 emails
Mike Mike Morkleson parenting
Mike S morning routine
Mike W gimmicks
Mito Dumpo huttah!
Mollie B. Mollie B. Chowdwerworth Gruelmanger the next april fools thing
Molly T. Mollyman, Mollybdenum diorama
Monkeydude Josh crazy cartoon

[edit] N

Name Nickname(s) Email
Naomi Horse Woman E-mail Birds
Nathan Standard Nathan, Nathan TX record book
Nice Dad N.D., Uncool Dad being mean
Nicholas & Antonio original
Nicolas tape-leg, personal favorites
The Nitwon The Nittle One, Nitwit from work
Nobuyoshi Shigeta huttah!

[edit] P

Name Nickname(s) Email
Pablo Pablo Phoenix flag day
Patrick Patrique, Patrice high school
Paul Perthy Paul, Dinkum more armies
Paul M. Pasquella Pauly Pasqually, Pascual Perez buried
Paxton Westergard Paxton Westergard Anacortes, Paxto West shapeshifter
PB Problem Brian specially marked
Peggy email thunder
Peter Peter Comma, Epressing-day Erd-nay, Comma rampage
Phylo D the bird
Pilmple-Faced Bill licensed
PlasticDiverGuy PastyDeadGuy, PrancyDirtGirl underlings
Pred personal favorites
punkkid87 theme song

[edit] R

Name Nickname(s) Email
Rachel email thunder
Rafael Rafi theme park
Richie Z do over
Robert McSwain McSwobert videography
Ron Kiwi Mr. Kiwi duck pond
Roxy business trip
Roy studying
Ryan new hands
Ryan Stupid, Whoever no loafing
Ryan cheatday
Ryan Ryan Raleigh space program
Ryan N Ryguy pizzaz

[edit] S

Name Nickname(s) Email
Sally email thunder
Sam funny
Sam Shim-Sham Sam time capsule
Sarah pet show
Scott 50 emails
Seb Jimmy-Jimmy mile
Shack Shaq helium
Shana Ma. Shanama, Shanamana, Shanamanamanamanamana colonization
Shandy Sbemailiarized!
Sibbie sibbie
Silent J techno
Sin Studly17 Dumb Name invisibility
Somebody noone cares about in IA Everyone in Iowa mini-golf
Someone Larry Pat lunch special
Someone stronger than [Strong Bad] "a girl", Simone bottom 10
Somone thats not homestarrunner Somone candy product
Spanky elgrondo my good Spank 4 branches
Spud Jr. Stu-pud Jr. animal
Stan & Loretta Dan & Linda monster truck
Stephanie unused emails
Steve spring cleaning
Steve lackey
Steve Watered Down montage
Steven Eh Steven different town
Steve Buttz Steve, never mind, I'm not even gonna touch that one, Eh, Steve kids' book
Stiny Li'l Stiny superhero name
Stlong Mad lunch special
Stu TV Time Toons Menu
Sue Deleted spring cleaning

[edit] T

Name Nickname(s) Email
Talon Jendro Ta'lon J'en-dr'o, my young apprentice what i want
Taylor R. video games
Ter Terbert, Terlliam, Terthew, Welter coloring
That guy, from that place Pete, from Pete's parents' basement road trip
Thomas O. slumber party
T.J. the basics
Tom B Tomby keep cool
Tori the show
Trevor trevor the vampire
Trixie personal favorites
Trogdor concert
Tyler butt IQ
Tyler huttah!

[edit] V

Name Nickname(s) Email
Vicky email thunder
Viklas little questions
Vinnie C homsar
Virginia College Bike Owner bike thief

[edit] W

Name Nickname(s) Email
Wilbur Videro Games

[edit] Y

Name Nickname(s) Email
Yami Yugi island
Your Friend Jhonka impression
Your Pal Palbert couch patch

[edit] Z

Name Nickname(s) Email
Zack Jack old comics
Zebbadee personal favorites

[edit] Unsigned

Name Nickname(s) Email
homestar hair
unused emails x 4
Mike Control, Mike Controller cheatday
the chair
Nobody unnatural

[edit] Senders as in absentia characters

Some email senders are later referenced in the toon (or another toon) as doing more than simply sending the email. While they never appear, there are hints that they have interacted with some of the residents of Free Country, USA.

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