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"In honor of this, my 50th email, I've decided to answer 50 of your emails!"

Occasionally, during a Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad or another character will refer to the email number, sometimes in odd ways. In some cases, the email number will make a subtle appearance in the cartoon without attention being drawn to the reference.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email 50 emails (50) — Strong Bad attempts to check fifty emails in celebration of his 50th email special.
  • Email caffeine (91) — Strong Bad's intro song is "And coming in at number 91, it's: E-Maaaaaaaaaaail!".
  • Email flashback (100) — The Compy 386 announces that Strong Bad has checked one hundred emails, so he celebrates by saying "email" one hundred times.
  • Email rock opera (125) — Strong Bad compiles a rock opera containing one hundred twenty-five words, each from their respective email, to commemorate his email count.
  • Email garage sale (129) — Nearly every item on sale has a cost matching the number of its debut email (e.g., the Heavy Lourde, from the second email, is being sold for two dollars). In fact, the PhoneTime XL8, an item that makes its first Strong Bad Email appearance in this email, is being sold for $129.
  • Email record book (134) — Strong Bad sets the record for longest "bull honkey" at 13.4 seconds.
  • Email narrator (144) — Strong Bad refers to Grant Gossman as "Grossman". A gross is equal to 144.
  • Email alternate universe (150) — Strong Bad ends his number one jam with "Sesquicentenn-email, 2005. I—I mean six."
  • Email pizza joint (179) — In an Easter egg, Strong Sad reviews Strong Bad Email 179.
  • Email nightlife (185) — Strong Bad closes his email with "This has been Strong Bad with Strong Bad Email 185. Thanks for listening."
  • Email winter pool (187) — In an Easter egg, Coach Z and Bubs get confused about the meaning of 187.
  • Email pet show (189) — Strong Bad's intro is "continue to roast your Strong Bad Email until it reaches an internal temperature of 189".
  • Email email thunder (200) — The Poopsmith sings a song in honor of the 200th email. Strong Bad, upon Homestar Runner's email show upstaging his, vows to get revenge on Homestar for "retroactively stealing [his] two-hundredth email thunder". Also, as in pizza joint, Strong Sad reviews the "shocking two-hundredth episode" and ponders if there will ever be a 201.

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