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"I love your Tragdor!"

From a 2007 appearance at Georgia Tech:

MATT CHAPMAN: We're trying to keep [Strong Bad Email] fresh for us, in addition to trying to keep it fresh for the viewer. I mean, people will just want him to draw Trogdor again. That's like 50% of the emails he gets. "Draw another dragon" or "draw Trogdor again" or "draw a girlfriend for Trogdor."

Emails asking Strong Bad to draw Trogdor again are the most common example of fans requesting that a popular Strong Bad Email be redone. The Brothers Chaps mentioned at Flashforward that requests for redoing emails, especially drawing Trogdor again, are among the top 5 email topics that may never be answered. However, like "How do you type with boxing gloves on?", these emails do make appearances in the background of other emails, and get heckled, DELETED, or simply ignored.

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