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This article is about the first DVD feature. For the other uses, see Email Intros (disambiguation).
"Email Intro Songs"

Email Intros is a video on strongbad_email.exe. It's a compilation of the intros to each of the first 100* Strong Bad Emails (the little songs or other things Strong Bad says at the beginning of each email).

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Homestar Runner

Places: Computer Room, The Stick, The Cheat's Computer Room

Computer: Tandy 400, Pom Pilot, Tangerine Dreams, Compy 386

Running Time: 8:13

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc One


[edit] Transcript

Number Email Intro
1 some kinda robot Oh, who is the guy that checks all his emails? That's me, Strong Bad.
2 homsar I'm gonna check my email all of the time, doo doo doo...
3 butt IQ Checkin' my email, checkin' my email, checkin'-checkin'-checkin'-checkin' my email.
4 homestar hair I check the email once, I check the email twice, doo doo doo, doo doo doo...
5 making out Checkin' emails is like the best thing I do.
6 depressio I check, you check, we all check for e... mail check... an email...
7 halloweener I am going to check my email.
8 brianrietta I remember the time when I checked my email.
9 i love you I've carefully set aside this time for checking my email.
10 trevor the vampire I'm totally checking my email. Total, man.
11 i rule Email, grumble grumble, email, grumble...
12 credit card Initiate email check in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
13 i she be Email, dud-duh-doo-duh-dud-duh, dud-duh-doo-duh-dud-duh...
14 duck pond Must... check... email...
15 the basics Everybody... check your email...
16 band names Who's that giving Strong Bad a hand? Email... Email...
17 studying Ohh! Electronic mail!
18 stand-up Something has compelled me to check my email.
19 tape-leg Ow-mnow, mnow, mnow... Ow-mnow, mnow, mnow...
20 spring cleaning Hello, everybody! This week it's time for some spring cleaning. Ready? Go!
21 cartoon This episode, Strong Bad checks his email.
22 sb_email 22 {singing the background music of the first level of Donkey Kong} Do, du, dadada do, du, dadada do...
23 little animal Oh! What's this? An email? For me?!
24 the bird Checkin' my email... Here at The Stick... That's pretty cool...
25 super powers Strong Bad Email is filmed before a live studio audience.
26 CGNU Check that email, check it down, check that email, smack it around.
27 3 wishes I got an email. I got an awesome email.
28 1 step ahead This one had better be good, man. I got a lot of money riding on this one.
29 superhero name All these... emails... I don't understand.
30 12:00 I'll take Strong Bad Emails for a thousand, please.
31 sugarbob Umm... I don't know... I'm gonna check my email.
32 flag day Riballa diballa check email.
33 gimmicks Super great, super great... Check your email!
34 weird dream Time to check the email... Time to check the email...
35 sisters Ah, the old girl's working again. What do you got for me?
36 guitar Oh, tap your toes and check your email, oh a-tap your toes tonight...
37 dullard Mmmmm... fresh emails...
38 helium Emaillll eeeemailll eeemmailll...
39 property of ones Gimme some of this and gimme some of thiiiiis... Gimme some of this.
40 vacation Oooh, duh doo doo doo, my email left me, duh doo doo...
42 action figure Doo doo do doo, doo duh doo doo!
43 little questions All the ladies want to know, who's checkin' that email? Was it Strong Bad?
44 lures & jigs I check email from the front to the back, I said check email from the front to the back I said check...
45 techno It's the email, the email, what what, the email.
46 your friends {clears throat} {in a clear voice} Emaaaaaaaaaaaailllllllll.
47 new hands Doo doo doo doo doo... Email! doo doo doo doo doo...
48 ghosts Boy, is it ever Monday.
49 theme party Oh! Man! Email! Ugh!
50 50 emails Oh, girl... I want to email you so nice.
51 website Oh-you-thought-there-was-no-more-emails-but-guess-what-there's-an-EMAIL!
52 island Strong Bad Emails are a part of this balanced breakfast.
53 comic In the United States alone, someone checks their email every three seconds. This is one of them.
54 morning routine Augh. My mouth tastes like... emails.
55 cheat talk Duh duh dududududududududuh duhduhduhduhduhduh email.
56 current status Oh! The email!
57 japanese cartoon So cool an email. I thought you would enjoy it.
58 dragon Here I go once again with the email! Every week I hope that it's from a female!
59 marzipan There once was a man named email, and he did his best for a while.
60 huttah! Chee-wit, chee-wit, chee-wi-chee-wi-email.
61 monster truck Toons! Games! I'm gonna check my eeeemail....
62 interview many emails, so little good emails.
63 fingers Welcome to the Strong Bad Email dat-daddle-dun! Everybody get down!
64 english paper Come on guys! Get your heads in the game.
65 unused emails Oooh! Check it out! Another one of those... sbemails!
66 the show Email, women, email, girls! Email, women, email, girls!
67 autobiography This email is brought to you by a grant from The Cheat and the support of Viewers Like You.
68 caper strongbad, underscore, email, dot e-x-e. Enter.
69 personal favorites OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EMAIL!!! {Rock guitar solo starts up and then ends after a few seconds} Whoa--that ruled. What function key do I gotta press to get that to happen again?
70 big white face Hoo! Cha! Cheritiza! Hooritajuzu-duh-email!
71 2 emails What do you get when you email Strong Bad? You get a world of hurt.
72 crazy cartoon I'm intrigued by these... how you say... emails.
73 mascot Ooh! A little email never hurt nobody. 'Cept for maybe the Cheat.
74 privileges Ohh-ho-oh ohh EEEEEMAIL ME GIRL! Unh! Once times! Twice times!
75 funny Watch me do a little bit o' email, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' [Compy 386: File Not Found.] uh—that's never happened before. Watch me do a little bit o' e mail, and I'll watch you do a little bit o' {email loads} uh—that's never happened befo—oh wait, it's an email. That has happened before. And quite a few times if I remember correctly.
76 sibbie Email! Email! Email! Email!
77 suntan I met her in the summertime. Her name was... {operatic voice} email.
78 anything HOMESTAR RUNNER: Hello, class. Strong Bad could not be here today, so I will be filling in. My name is {slowly, as he writes it with chalk on the monitor} Homestar Runner. {erases it} Everyone please take out paper and a number 2 pencil, and we'll begin.
79 the process My name is not Email Sam. Ooh ahh. So please don't call me Email Sam. Ooh ahh.
80 stunt double Oh, I took the email to the market, and I bought it some kind of fish sauce.
81 date Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tep. Tick.
82 impression Email: It's like the sugar on the candy for my stuff.
83 labor day Which email is your favorite? Mine is "the basics".
84 kids' book Ladies and gentlemen. I give you... a-da sbemail.
85 2 years Haselos, theselos, haselos, theselos!
86 no loafing Driving down the strip in my cool cool car, checkin' all the emails out!
87 mile POWERED BY THE CHEAT STRONG BAD: Eeeeeeeeeemail. Ooh, ah, email, ooh, ah—
89 local news It's email time again! Doot doodle-ooh-doo, Doot doodle-ooh-doo, Doot doodle-ooh-doo.
90 colonization Email me don't email me, email me don't email me.
91 caffeine And coming in at number 91, it's: E-Maaaaaaaaaaail!
92 kind of cool Thanks for choosing Strong Bad Email. Would you like to try a combo meal?
93 army Whoa. Guess it's been a while. Sorry about that, Compy. Need to get some... Endust.
94 video games Email is like a prison. A prison with no walls... and no toilet.
95 the bet Come on, big money! Big money! And... email!
96 lackey So innocent and email free... That's you 'n me.
97 monument Oh traipsing along, traipsing traipsing along, and a email got stuck in my eye.
98 stupid stuff Do do do do, email me some words, doo-doo, some different words.
99 different town Check your email and check your email. {looped} Check your email and check your email.
100 flashback ONE TWO THREE FOUR—
{Strong Bad starts singing hard rock with instruments in the background, and the following words appear as they are said:}
EMAIL IS AWESOME {"AWESOME"}, EMAIL IS WEIRD {"WEiRD"}, EMAIL IS AWESOME {"AWESOME"} AND EMAIL IS WEIRD {"WEiRD"}! And I'll never forget the way it was, GRRRL {"grrrl"}...uh!

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Remarks

  • The first seven email intros have Strong Bad's head in different places.
  • Strong Bad stays in his fifth design for the remainder of the toon instead of going to his sixth design on the eighth intro.
  • Strong Bad skips the intros for invisibility, current status, and couch patch.

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