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Strong Badian-style pizza at a price that won't leave a dent in your wallet!

The Pizz is a pizza place in Strong Badia created by Strong Bad and The Cheat. Presumably, The Cheat initially wanted to call the place "Strong Bad's Strong Badian Pizza Joint", but Strong Bad said the name was much too long, so The Cheat shortened it. Although intended simply as a front for meeting college girls, it swiftly became a functional and successful pizzeria with a favorable review from Strong Sad's Review Revue. Homestar Runner works as a server, hired for the lunch rush by The Cheat after being a customer seconds earlier. The pizzas served include Neighborhood Style and Slumber Party Style pizza.

In Fan Costumes '07, a female fan's costume of a The Pizz uniform and pizza box is shown. Upon seeing this, an excited Strong Bad remarked "You're hired" multiple times.

In Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, The Pizz is seen in Brainblow City (which is actually The Field) at the intro.



"You're not Daphne!"

The Pizz's website is located at and enables customers to create an anthropomorphic slice of pizza to interact with other customers in a simulation. Customers can acquire "Pizz points", which they can exchange for virtual decorations and furnishings for their simulated residences. However, exactly how to acquire pizz points is never explained. In this manner, Strong Bad decorates Strong Badia and engages in a flame war with Homestar Runner and The King of Town.

Strong Sad's Review Revue considered the site "clunky", and a much more negative experience than the restaurant.

[edit] Fan recreation

Serious social networking.

Although no real-word "" was created by The Brothers Chaps, a fan purchased the URL shortly after the email's release and re-created the login screen as seen in the toon. The "Login" button linked to pizza joint, while the period contained a hidden link to a secret page (titled "No Probalo!"):

Hey look, you found an Easter Egg!

...and that's all I got. Sever your leg, please.

The site briefly went down on October 27, 2009, which was noted by the Homestar Runner Wiki. When the site came back online later that day, the secret page's text had been rewritten:

Hey look, you found an Easter Egg!

The fans at the Homestar Runner Wiki are dedicated. The 'Pizz goes down for less than a day and they had the full report.

Great jorb, guys!

As of 2013, the URL simply redirects to pizza joint.

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