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Strong Bad shows some leg — tape-leg, that is.
This article is about the running gag. For the Strong Bad Email, see tape-leg.

Tape-leg is a recurring inside joke that originated from the appropriately named email tape-leg. A fan named Nicolas asked Strong Bad if his leg was made out of tape, and Strong Bad uncharacteristically dismisses the irreverent question quickly. This email is considered by some to be one of the worst emails ever, but Strong Bad insists that "the tape-leg is cool." Interestingly, in the email halloweener, duct tape was wrapped around Homestar's legs as part of Strong Bad's demonstration on how to make a Halloween costume of himself.

[edit] Appearances

  • Email tape-leg — The infamous reference premieres courtesy of a piece of tape on Strong Bad's shoe.
  • Email spring cleaning — Immediately followed tape-leg, an emailer named Sue claims the "last email" was pathetic. This is probably referring to tape-leg, but it is not certain exactly when Sue sent the email. Either way, Strong Bad promptly deletes the email.
  • Email 50 emails — Strong Bad declares his favorite leg is either the Great Leg, the Leg of Hope, or perhaps even Tape-Leg.
  • The System is DownHomestar mocks the tape-leg email while Strong Bad staunchly defends it.
  • Email personal favorites — One of Strong Bad's favorite emails is the fictional "tape-leg 2", in which Nicolas asks once again if Strong Bad's legs are made of tape.
  • Email do over (DVD commentary) — Matt and Mike consider doing over "tape-leg", then decide it is "off-limits".
  • The advertisement for the SBEmails' 50 Greatest Hits DVD advertises that "tape-leg" is not included.
    • During the introduction to the DVD, it is claimed that the DVD cleans away "caked-on tapeleg".
  • 79 Seconds Left — Homestar says that Strong Bad's tape leg and his cow lamp had a baby in his brain to form the "Cow Leg" idea he just had.
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