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This article is about the second DVD feature. For other uses, see Email Intros (disambiguation).

Email Intros, Part Two is a video on strongbad_email.exe Disc Five. It's a compilation of the intros to each of the next 60 Strong Bad Email intros (the little songs or other things Strong Bad says at the beginning of each email), starting with email #101.

Cast (in order of appearance): Strong Bad, Strong Sad

Places: Computer Room, Marzipan's House

Computer: Compy 386, Lappy 486, Tandy 400

Running Time: 6:07

DVD Exclusive: strongbad_email.exe Disc Five

[edit] Transcript

Number Email Intro
101 car The views expressed in the following email show do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anybody cool. Oh, except me. {lowers voice} I'm cool.
102 lunch special Oh email, I'm gonna let you down easy... when I break up with you.
103 haircut Man, if I had a nickel for every email I get, I would throw them at people in the food court. From that railing, like up above.
104 theme park Everybody loves this, everybody needs this, it's time for funny stuff.
105 replacement Our next show is a family show. It... is... the email.
106 dangeresque 3 Oh, here comes little email, with a gun in his hand...
107 cheatday Let's check a Strong Bad Email, you and me. Together. Like we used to. Like a family.
108 pom pom Oh, I'm an email gambler... that means I play cards with emails. Full house.
109 crying {rapping} I'm not gonna sing an email song this week e—{realizes mistake, talking} Oh. Never mind.
110 for kids {types "quit" into Peasant's Quest; a message responds, "You quitter."} I guess I should do the thing that I do.
111 other days I got an email in my pocket, and I think it's starting to melt.
112 old comics Let's get it over with! With the email style, get it over with!
113 pizzaz Here comes The Strong Baaaaad... Oh, here comes The Strong Baaaaad!
114 the facts I'm checkin' email, I'm checkin' email. Hey, hey, I'm checkin' email, I'm checkin' email.
115 time capsule Checkin' emails with a VISCOSITY since 2001, it's a Strong Bad Email.
116 extra plug Ow ow ow... ow ow oww... ow ow owww... email...
117 montage Tonight on Strong Bad Email: Comedian Coach Z, actress Marzipan, and some guy from a zoo.
118 virus I got the email, you got the email, I got the email, you got the email.
119 animal All right! Let's see if this bad boy can check some emails.
120 radio I got miles and miles of the email style. Miles and miles of the email style.
121 part-time job A lot of ladies and a lot of girls... some healthy ladies and some healthy girls!
122 dreamail Oh oh, email's in the backyard, makin' some stew...
123 origins This email is leaving the station. Please move to the center of the email, and away from the doors.
124 secret recipes Email, na na, na na, na na, nanaNA...
125 rock opera Checkin' email, now take it to the flip side! {repeats the previous sentence backwards}
126 best thing You got to email, just to stay alive!
127 long pants And if I email you! Girl, woman! {holds up pieces of paper that say "Girl." and "Woman." as he says those words} Oh, would you email me? Girl, woman! {holds up the papers again}
128 rampage The email checker, come on and come on, y'all. The email checker, come on and come on, y'all!
129 garage sale Here comes another email that I'll answer for you! Here comes another email that I'll answer for you!
130 do over Strong Bad Email! Makes money! Strong Bad Email! Gets paid!
131 boring (really) {rapping} Email theme song! 1-2-3! A da-da-checka email wit' me, SB, y'all!
132 modeling Can you handle my style? No, you can't handle my styyyyyle. Email!
133 bottom 10 This email is making fun of you.
134 record book Drape it over your aaaaaaarms, step out in styyyyyle, Strong Bad Emaaaaaaail...
135 {singing in falsetto} Why do I check emails the way I do? I don't know.
136 geddup noise A little bit of email. Some you-and-me mail.
137 bedtime story I'm still here, after all these years, checkin' my email. {in falsetto} Checkin' my email!
138 space program Email is the sound that we make when a young girl cries...
139 portrait Hey everybody, it's a musical Strong Bad Email this week!
140 high school It's the email, baby, lunch juice!
141 death metal Email, ah ooh, ooh, ooh ah ooh, email, ah ooh, email, ah ooh, ooh.
142 secret identity Initiate sbemail-refresh daemon.
143 technology Don't you wanna email, don't you need a email, don't you turn your life around!
144 narrator I met this email on a north-bound train. We had some dinner then we danced in the rain.
145 myths & legends I'm livin' the Strong Bad life, I take an email for my wife. I take an email for my wife.
146 pop-up I was born to check emails and eat lots of cake!
147 lady fan How many emails can you check? Five, twelve, seven, shut up.
148 disconnected This week, I'm feeling my style! I've got confidence in my email!
149 candy product {blows on microphone and taps it} Check one, check two. Sibilance. Sibilance. SBEmail.
150 alternate universe I've been walkin' on clouds and flippin' off rainbows, on the wings of an email. {to Strong Sad} Thanks, man.
STRONG SAD: No prob, Bob.
151 senior prom Can you see that I've got email styles, c'mon c'mon, can you see that I've got email styles?
152 isp A badaly-doo, it's time for email, bra-doop-da-dabadoo.
153 redesign {This scene opens in a darkened computer room with yellow tape (reading "LELLOWTAPE") all over the Lappy.}
{from offscreen} Email is nice, {the lights come on and Strong Bad sits down} habalubabulabada! {rips the tape away} Email is twice, habilastilbilasaw!
154 keep cool I'll take you back to a time when email was king!
155 theme song When email comes to town, you know, you know, it's like a rainstorm... in your browser.
156 road trip Good morning, Mr. Email, there's a call for you on line 2.
157 trading cards A-when you dribble down the court with an email, you leave your dreams at the top of the keeey.
158 cliffhangers Oooh, it's a e-email, money, money, money. Oooh-ooh. Shut up.
159a retirement Green lines, green, green lines. It's a Strong Bad Email again.
159b retirement There's a big ol' hole inside my email, makin' it hard to cheeeeck...
160 coloring Sippin' on a bottle of email, cold, having a picnic lunch with some co-workers.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • Strong Bad skips the intros for the second emails from dreamail and bottom 10.
  • The disconnected intro is slightly cut off at the beginning.
  • The intro used for senior prom is taken from an Easter egg as opposed as from the actual opening.
  • At the end of each intro, Strong Bad presses the "enter" key, but instead of bringing up the email, it clears the screen for the next intro.
    • At the end of the last intro, Strong Bad presses the "enter" key during the fade-out, but the "strongbad_email.exe" command stays up.

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