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For the Strong Bad Email, see trading cards. For the cards shown in various toons on the website, see Trading Cards.
"I thought trading cards were outlawed the day they invented good graphics."

Steam Trading Cards are digital collectibles used on the gaming platform Steam. Distributed primarily by playing the connected game, players can assemble a full set by methods including trading with or buying from other players.

A full set of cards can be "crafted", awarding a Steam Badge for the user's profile page; the badge can be crafted up to five times, increasing the badge level each time. Rarer cards have a "foil" border, awarding a special foil badge if a set is crafted. Each crafting also awards the player with a chat emoticon and profile page background. Steam Points, earned by buying games on Steam, can be spent on these rewards or on additional profile page features such as animated avatars.

So far, one Homestar Runner game has associated Steam Cards.


[edit] Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

Although Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate did not include Steam Trading Cards at launch, they (and the relevant items) were added January 10, 2024.

[edit] Trading Cards

There are nine collectable cards, all representing Dangeresque characters and accompanied with a photo of their Puppet versions.

Name Card Description
Dagger Skew A former informer for Dangeresque, Dagger Skew "hides" steak knives in his headband so he can sneak them on city buses and clandestinely cut pieces off of other people's hoagies. He'll be stabbing you shortly.
Dangeresque Too No one knows exactly where Dangeresque Too came from. He claims to have been on "the force" in the "inner upwest southwise" precinct but no one has been able to corroborate this. He can do a mean hurrican kick and leaves a trail of first place racquetball trophies wherever he goes.
Perducci Perducci is a master of sitting behind tables, desks, and countertops. Somehow this has led to him being dangerous and powerful. He owns a restaurant and an import/export business and is so rich he has one of those animatronic fortune teller things in his basement. HIS BASEMENT!
SCSI Newport SCSI Newport is a bad guy that was created when a pile of outdated PC's fell on top of grumpy IT admin Sterp Derdtler. The electronics fused with his body (it was really gross! don't watch the security cam footage!) turning him into a partially-stoppable cyborg menace.
Sultry Buttons Sultry Buttons is the roguish jewel thief and twin sister of Cutesy Buttons (though no one has ever seen them in the same place at the same time). She's into leather and machetes and is skilled in several martial and/or fiber arts. She wants to simultaneously get back together with and kinda murder Dangeresque.
Killingyouguy Perducci's secret weapon and chief enforcer, Killingyouguy comes from a long line of Something-You-Folks. Prolly from the Old Country? I dunno. He began as a wee Pinchingyouboy and has slowly worked his way up through the years. I just hope there's a Knittingyounana somewhere.
Dangeresque Dangeresque graduated top of his class at the Corrupt Police Academy but then mooned everybody instead of taking his diploma! It was so awesome! He infamously solved the kidnapping of The Wembles Baby by revealing that HE was the baby! I mean, what?! He remains the only person who can successfully fire and operate a nunchuk gun without experiencing death problems.
Baron Darin Diamonocle Diamonocle is most likely the ultra-rich Baron of a cool castle lair somewhere. Or a villa? What's a chateau? Are those cool? Anyways, he's really good at trap doors. He wears a solid gold neck brace since Dangeresque dropped a train full of anvils on him. Sometimes, maybe onetimes, he deviously pets an animal.
Renaldo Dangeresque first met Renaldo on a deep cover assignment in Parts Unknown when Renaldo pickpocketed JUST the Reesy Cups out of his Reesy Cup Meltshake. Dangeresque was so impressed that he hired him on the spot as his sidekick. Renaldo is a master of fiche: micro, macro, or fried.
Each card also comes in a rare "foil" variant, featuring the same artwork but a different frame. Crafting a full set of foil cards will award the "Criminal Projectivist" badge.

[edit] Badges

There are five levels of the standard badges along with one foil badge.

[edit] Emoticons

All character emoticons feature them facing left.

  • :dangeresque: — Dangeresque, grimacing in a manner similar to Sharpdene
  • :dangeresquetoo: — Dangeresque Too, making an "ooh" expression
  • :gunchuk: — The nunchuck gun, pointed to the right
  • :renaldo: — Renaldo
  • :stuntdouble:The stunt double's paper bag mask with Strong Bad's face drawn on it

[edit] Backgrounds

As they are intended for Steam user profile backgrounds, all three are relatively empty in the center with the graphics placed to the left and right sides of the image.

  • Dangeresque Lamp — Dangeresque strokes his chin. A haze of smoke is in the foreground, with a ceiling lamp seen in the dark background.
  • Gonna Have 2 Jump — Dangeresque, in silhouette with only his sunglasses visible, leaps from an exploding rooftop.
  • Renaldo As Well — On the left, Renaldo flails his arms with a panicked expression. To the right, Dangeresque brandishes his nunchuck gun.

[edit] Animated Avatars

  • 3D Dangeresque Runnin — Dangeresque runs along the Strong Badia picket fence. The sky above is pink, with clouds illuminated by golden hour glow. This avatar uses the 3D model seen in the game's cutscenes.
  • Dangeresque Runnin — Dangeresque, holding his nunchuck gun at the ready, runs to the left (in a manner similar to the rooftop run from Rough Copy!) on a black background.

[edit] Fun Facts

Dangeresque's trusty nunchuck gun makes several appearances among the Steam collectibles.

[edit] Remarks

  • Dagger Skew and SCSI Newport make their debut in their Steam Cards. Dagger Skew debuted in the Dangeresque series proper with his apperance in Roomisode X, while SCSI Newport has yet to appear in a Dangeresque work, or indeed elsewhere in the Homestar Runner body of work.
  • The Nunchuck Gun emoticon is referred to with the portmanteau "gunchuk".
  • The Renaldo As Well background is the first appearance of Renaldo's new design in the show's usual style.

[edit] Inside References

SCSI, is that you?

[edit] Real-World References

  • Dangeresque Too's "hurrican kick" refers to an attack from Street Fighter.
  • "SCSI Newport" refers to SCSI ports.
  • "The kidnapping of The Wembles Baby" parodies the Lindbergh kidnapping.
  • Renaldo's card refers to microfiche, scaled-down reproductions of documents. "Macrofiche" does not exist, and "Friedfiche" is likely "Fried Fish" in Coach Z's accent.

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