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"Not one, not two, not three, not five, four Gregs."
This article is about the squad of characters. For the toon, see 4 Gregs. For the running gag, see Greg.

The Gregs are a group of four geeky teenagers in the Teen Girl Squad universe. Each Greg has a nickname to distinguish himself from the others based on his hobbies and tastes. The two main Gregs are the rivals Sci-Fi Greg and D n' D Greg, with their similarly geeky friends Open Source Greg and Japanese Culture Greg appearing on occasion to hang out with the other two. A so-called Regular Greg is not part of the group. Apparently, the Gregs' diverse interests include death metal, as all four of them were in the audience at Brainkrieg's performance of their Halloween single, Decomposing Pumpkins.

In a 2008 interview with Adventure Gamers, Matt Chapman said Sci-Fi and D n' D Greg are some of his favorite characters. They are loosely based on gamers The Brothers Chaps knew in high school.


[edit] Sci-Fi Greg

"Welcome, earthlings, to our fair star system."
See main article: Sci-Fi Greg

Sci-Fi Greg, an old boyfriend of What's Her Face, is a science fiction fan.

[edit] D n' D Greg

See main article: D n' D Greg

D n' D Greg is a Dungeons & Dragons expert.

[edit] Open Source Greg

"Gentlemen, the data is there!"
See main article: Open Source Greg

Open Source Greg is a computer hacker, with a preference for open-source software.

[edit] Japanese Culture Greg

Staring at vinyl figurines?
See main article: Japanese Culture Greg

Japanese Culture Greg is a stereotypical otaku, with a fondness for media from Japan.

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