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Title screen

A barn themed version of Trogday Micro Game, it is accessible from day 23 of the Decemberweenvent Calendar.

Cast (in order of appearance): Trogdor, Cows, Farmers, Pig King, Cranjegg

Places: Peasantry

Date: Thursday, December 22, 2022


[edit] The Game

Squish all the livestock to gain burnination. Avoid getting hit by a farmer with a cattle prod. Burninate three barns to fight the Pig King (the Barnyard version of the Kerrek).

[edit] Controls

Action Key 1 Key 2 Game Boy Button
Move Arrow keys A and D Control Pad
Jump and advance text Z J A
Shoot fireballs (once burnination is achieved) X K B
Mute music Shift Select
Rewind gameplay Backspace N/A

[edit] Fun Facts

[edit] Trivia

The thumbnail image for the game
  • The full itch.io description reads:

We think this counts as educational! Farms are educational, right? What's a re-skin? This is totally new.


  • D-pad to move [WASD or arrow keys]
  • A to jump/start game [Z on keyboard]
  • B to shoot fireballs (once you have burnination) [X on keyboard]
  • SELECT to mute music [SHIFT on keyboard]

  • The shortened itch.io description (seen on Videlectrix's page) reads "Help Trogdor barninate the farmtryside in this fabulous reskin!".
  • The "More information" box lists the status as "Released", the platforms as "HTML5", the author as "Videlectrix", the genre as "Platformer", and the tags "analogue-pocket", "gbstudio", "homestar-runner", "Pixel Art", and "trogdor"
  • Unlike Trogday Micro Game, from which this is modified, this game does not have a download link for a Game Boy ROM or Analogue Pocket version. However, choosing Inspect on the game's page and clicking Play on the Network or Resources tab, the browser will fetch a file called "game.gb". This is a standard Game Boy ROM that can downloaded and played in a Game Boy emulator or on a real Game Boy with a flash cartridge.

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