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Munchox the Devourer (also called the Scorpion Monster) is The King of Town's identity in 8-Bit is Enough. The King ends up in this state when the video game world merges with Free Country, USA. He gains a large, yellow Atari scorpion tail (which Strong Bad says is cool), which he uses as his primary method of attack, using it to smack people offscreen. According to the game's text box, this is supposed to kill the player, but it doesn't work on Strong Bad. His speech is limited, mostly consisting of spoken roars and growls (and the word "treasure" at one point), his crown popping off every time. He can usually be found near a cave in Peasantry resembling Jhonka's, where he jealously guards the quest items, attacking Strong Bad if he gets too near. He is seemingly hoarding quest items because he think it's treasure.

The Munchox is also very attracted to Scorpion Food, attacking Strong Bad and Strong Sad (as evil wizard/princess Sluushfuund) for the item. Rather Dashing regretfully saves Sluushfuund from the Munchox, by telling him to get rid of the scorpion food so the Scorpion King would eat it and leave, and the two go questing together. The Munchox is then not seen again.

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