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When the events of 8-Bit is Enough cause the video game world to merge with Free Country, USA, several characters turn into video game characters (with the exception of Homestar, who is trapped in a pop-up window).

Image Description
"Roar! Growl!" Munchox the Devourer

The King of Town ends up in Peasantry as the Munchox, also called the Scorpion Monster. He gains a large, yellow Atari scorpion tail (which Strong Bad says is cool), which he uses as his primary method of attack, using it to smack people offscreen. According to the game's text box, this is supposed to kill the player, but it doesn't work on Strong Bad. His speech is limited, mostly consisting of spoken roars and growls (and the word "treasure" at one point), his crown popping off every time.

He can usually be found near a cave resembling Jhonka's, where he jealously guards the quest items, attacking Strong Bad if he gets too near. He is seemingly hoarding quest items because he think it's treasure. The Munchox is also very attracted to Scorpion Food, attacking Strong Bad and Strong Sad (as evil wizard/princess Sluushfuund) for the item. Rather Dashing regretfully saves Sluushfuund from the Munchox, by telling him to get rid of the scorpion food so the Scorpion King would eat it and leave, and the two go questing together. The Munchox is then not seen again.

"None shall pass!" Sluushfuund

Strong Sad ends up in Peasantry as Sluushfuund, the "evil wizard". While Strong Sad is convinced that he is a powerful, evil wizard, Strong Bad and Rather Dashing believe he is a princess. He wears a pink pixelated pointy hat, which, according to Strong Bad, is also sparkly. His job is to guard the entrance to Trogdor's lair and give out quests. He is determined to guard the lair until his second or third to last breath. One of his quests include retrieving "thy Amulet of Ancient Summoning" (an orange cube) for a reward— which turns out to be another quest. This will go on forever if you let it. The other quest items include the "Sigil of Dark Dampening", the "Shimmering Trinket of Endless Bargain-hunting", and the "Thing of Exquisite Thingness", all of which are orange cubes. The only way to stop the neverending cycle is to give him a similar-looking cube of scorpion bait instead of the quest item, attracting the Munchox.

He has certain abilities that regular Strong Sad doesn't, such as "flaming grasp" and "magic missile", which both send a slow blue fireball at someone. His powers don't have much effect, as Strong Bad says it feels like being hit with a microwaved breakfast sausage, and that it's "toasty and nutritious". Sluushfuund eventually goes off with Rather Dashing to be his spellcaster. Sluushfuund is named after a slush fund, a reserve of money set aside for illegal or dishonest purposes.

"Is Marzipan having one of her 'episodes' again?" Lady Crate Ape

Marzipan turns into Lady Crate Ape. She is based on Donkey Kong, and throws crates everywhere, jumping menacingly. The only difference in Marzipan's appearance is the exaggerated expression of rage on her face, including a mouth that extends off the edge of her head. She seemingly has an infinite supply of crates, which Strong Bad points out. She drags Bubs to the top of his own concession stand and throws a crate at him when he tries to move. Strong Bad actually likes Marzipan better this way, but Bubs doesn't, understandably. Homestar Runner believes Marzipan is just having one of her "episodes". Limozeen's space machine picks her up using the tractor beam and they fly away as she throws crates at them.

The box for the game itself can be found outside the House of the Brothers Strong, under a box. Strong Bad says it's his, but quickly corrects himself that it's Strong Sad's, and the reason why he sucks. The box art depicts an angry ape with a long blond ponytail and a pink bow, throwing a crate.

"Let's build something" Mista Fixit

The Poopsmith turns into Mista Fixit, a character from the "old construction worker game" of the same name. He has a pixelated hard hat and hammer, and is obsessed with building things, but he still uses signs to communicate. Before joining Strong Bad's party, he requires pixelated pebbles, represented by a sign with illegible black dots on it. Strong Bad uses him to fix the broken platforms and ladders in Stinkoman 20X6. Strong Bad hires him to build a 200-foot wall around Marzipan's house, until Mista Fixit tells him that it would be expensive (represented by "$$$", which Strong Bad originally interprets as "three dollars").

"PUT SHOT SHOT PUT!" Putchnya Shotski

Strong Mad turns into Putchnya Shotski, a "Semi-Legendary Soviet Semi-Athlete" and the honorable mention shot put semi-finalist of the 1982 Winter Olympics. He is Homestar's favorite athlete that Videlectrix could afford to license. He looks identical to Strong Mad, but speaks Russian. He is obsessed with shot putting and getting trophies. Once Strong Bad gives him the trophy, Putchnya joins Strong Bad's party. He is needed to retrieve the scorpion food for the Munchox.

"By the way, did you know that Total Load can enlarge your vectroid region by 27 percent? Click here to find out how!" HomeSpam

The merging of video games and reality traps Homestar Runner in a pop-up window in Strong Bad's user interface, allowing him to pop up throughout the episode to provide hints and commentary. After Strong Bad compares him to "pop-up spam", Homestar starts telling him about the benefits of Total Load and to click on him for more details, prompting the name "HomeSpam"; at another point, he announces that Strong Bad has won a free MP3 player. The UI window grants Homestar access to Strong Bad's online calendar and an abundance of video game food (including bananas, turkey legs, cherries, and powerdots), although he also claims it has terrible acoustics. The window is held up by screws, causing it to fall when Homestar loosens them.

"Mein streudel!" Robo-King of Town

This is the King of Town's second video game identity. He appears in the second-to-last room of the Trog-Cave in Peasantry, just before the final battle with Trogdor. He looks identical to the regular King of Town, except wearing sunglasses and wielding two machine guns. He speaks German. Each time you shoot him with the Light Musket, he loses a gun. He disappears the third time. His appearance and death speech ("Der Poopsmith... auf wiedersehen!") are references to the game Wolfenstein 3D's depiction of Adolf Hitler. He is the only video game character variation to not be named in the game. Instead, he is named in the credits.

"Man, SO hi-res!" ULTIMATE TROGDOR!!!
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"I'm the best graphics ever made!" Ultimate Strong Bad
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