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412 S. Figgis Mundelow 80808
403 Figgis Mundelow 80808

Mundelow is the hometown of Teen Girl Squad's What's Her Face as well as of Thorax Corporation.

[edit] Appearances

  • What's Her Face lives at 412 S. Figgis Mundelow 80808, as evidenced by the postcard seen in Teen Girl Squad Issue 5.
  • Thorax Corporation is located at 403 Figgis St. NW in Mundelow.
    • Note that this is not the same block as What's Her Face, since it's NW and not S.
  • The CEO of Thorax Corporation, Gent Delabor, lives at 403 Figgis street, Mundelow PA, 80808, as evidenced by the envelope seen in the Email page.
  • The Thorax Corporation Web site represents Mundelow as a town in Pennsylvania. Neither Google Maps nor Mapquest, however, recognize its existence anywhere in the world. In the U.S., 80808 is actually the Zip code for Calhan, Colorado.
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