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412 S. Figgis Mundelow 80808
403 Figgis Mundelow 80808

Mundelow is the hometown of Teen Girl Squad's What's Her Face as well as of Thorax Corporation.

[edit] Appearances

[edit] Teen Girl Squad

[edit] Thorax Corporation, LLC,,.

  • The Email page includes a envelope addressed to Thorax Corporation CEO Gent Delabor, at 403 Figgis St, Mundelow PA, 80808.
  • This address also appears on the Thorax Corporation Web site, specifying 403 Figgis St NW.

Note that the different cardinal directions of Figgis indicate that the two locations are on different blocks.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The 80808 zip code refers to Calhan, Colorado.
  • There is no city called "Mundelow" in Colorado, Pennsylvania, or anywhere else in the world.
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