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This article is about real-world interviews. For the Strong Bad Email, see interview. For the short, see The Interview.

Although has largely been promoted through informal word-of-mouth, The Brothers Chaps also promote the site through interviews and public appearances. Most interviews have taken place online, either in written form with fan or professional publications, or through podcast discussions; occasional interviews have taken place in print, on TV, and on the radio. Live appearances have been made at colleges, theaters, conventions, and other venues — taking the form of formal presentations, question-and-answer sessions, comedic musical performances, and more. Mike and Matt may be interviewed together or separately, joined by other contributors, or answer questions in-character.

Interviews and public appearances frequently discuss the production of the website, covering topics like the writing and animating process (including the use of Flash) and comedic influences. Public events have featured yet-to-be-released or DVD-exclusive toons. Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People and Trogdor!! The Board Game were heavily promoted through interviews during the lead-up to their respective releases. In the mid-2010s, many interviews covered the then-recent hiatus and the brothers' shift to a new schedule and various side projects.


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