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The late Strong Dad

Donald "Don" and Harriet Chapman are the parents of The Brothers Chaps, along with Donnie Chapman, Karen Wagner, and Julie Hand. Don was born June 5, 1939, in Winamac, Indiana and moved from Indianapolis to Atlanta in 1980. A graduate of Indiana University, he was a certified public accountant. He helped The Brothers Chaps run the business aspects of their website, and sometimes managed the Homestar Runner booth at comic conventions along with Harriet. His family described him as the "heart and soul" of

They also seem to have had a say, albeit a small one, in what is shown on the site. Marshmallow's Last Stand was temporarily put back on the site after several requests from Don (see the disclaimer at the start of the cartoon). They also appeared (along with the brothers' Uncle Jim and Aunt Rosie) in the DVD extra Making of Email 100.

Don, a Catholic, and Harriet, a Methodist, are proud of their children's work and the humor on the site, claiming that clean humor is better and lasts longer. According to Don, "They were raised in a religious family and have stock in good moral values, but that hasn't stopped them from being uproarious." He expressed confidence that the success of Homestar Runner can last as long as the brothers keep their style while also keeping up with their culture.

The Brothers Chaps sometimes called Don and Harriet "Strong Dad" and "The Mother Chaps", respectively.

Don passed away at his home on Saturday, April 15, 2006. He was 66.

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