Bumperpodcast Interview - 25 Jun 2015

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Natty Bumpercar interviews his pal, Matt Chapman, on the Bumperpodcast.

[edit] Transcript

{There is static for a few seconds, before a record scratch is heard}

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Oh howdy everybody! It's me, Natty Bumpercar and this is the Bumperpodcast and this is the most exciting Bumpe— {Natty begins fumbling trying to say Bumperpodcast} This is the most exci— I can't even say it, that's how excited I am because I have an interview. I'm actually going to talk to somebody, a real live person, not a dumb doodoo-voodoo, not a dumb pig—

PIG: Hey!

NATTY BUMPERCAR: No, don't worry about it pig, you're fine, but you're not on this podcast. And not a robot, or nobody, or nothing. There's no pirates on this podcast, there's no— there's nobody; except for me and my interviewer— interviewee. And... I j— I guess I should probably... I mean... I... here's the thing, ladies and gentlemen. A lot of people on the internets wanna hear from this guy. And I've known about this guy for, like, at least a year. Or, uh— more than that. And, uh, so, he doesn't talk to me ever, except for right now. This is the only time he's agreed to ever talk to me. Uhm, and I figure I shoul—, do— do you think I should say who it is? Just nod your head; I don't want to give anything away because they can all see you. He said no. He said I should not give it away yet. And that's fine. Maybe you guys have heard on the web, there used to—, there's a website—, there used to be, I don't know what I said. There's a website that, uh, that does, these funny cartoons. It's like t— it's like if you watch television, but on your computer! Like, that's the— that's the sensation you're gonna get if you go to this website. And, you can, you can, you can laugh at them. I've found myself, I get very giddy sometimes, I cry a little bit, because some of the stories are very emotional. I can't— you know what, I can't—... I can't hold it any longer. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, uh, I'm just gonna bring him over here and have him say hello. And I apologize, my microphone is bad because I left it at home. Uh, ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Matt Chapman.

MATT CHAPMAN: Hi Natty, thanks for having me sit next to you on an Air Mattress in front of your computer!

NATTY BUMPERCAR: And talk into my lap.


NATTY BUMPERCAR: And... this is a dream come true!

MATT CHAPMAN: I have a lot of experience doing that. Anyways, so it's—

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Family friendly show, I don't know what you do on your website—

MATT CHAPMAN: No! But you—you—you, you put, you put all kinds of things in your lap sometimes. {Natty laughs} Bo— no! Like, a bowl, that might... reverberate, you know, so if you talk into the bowl, it sends the sound waves bouncing off the ceiling. And maybe someone on the other side of the room, you could whisper. I whisper into your lap often.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: This is the first science Bumperpodcast that we've ever done. I'v— I don't think the word "reverberate" has ever been used. That's—

MATT CHAPMAN: I— Not properly, then it's still never been used.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: I don't think— did I say it right?

MATT CHAPMAN: I probably didn't say it right.


MATT CHAPMAN: I didn't use it right.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Can you spell it?

MATT CHAPMAN: {mumbling} br—br...

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Reberberate!? {using a very gritty voice} No, we bought a house up in the hills. And, it was uh, the carpet was full of smoke, and... catshure, and... and we had to buy some new carpet. And the one that was one sale was... the berberate. {now using his regular voice} Took me a long time to get to that.

MATT CHAPMAN: I thought you were going to have to d— you'd have to berberate the carpet in order to like, to get it back up to— to EPA standards.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: No, we burned the house down. But we had it insured. Don't— we were going to edit that {intelligible}. If anyone heard that it was an— there's elephants here. I mean, I'm in uh... the deep south. Even, I mean, we're on a—a ship. On an ocean liner. Uh... Because, that's... kind of like... I was going to say, who's the guy that used to fly around the plane? The aviator?


NATTY BUMPERCAR: That's you! But you only live on a boat. And we're on a house boat. And is— I don't know if it's— I don't want to bring this up on the internet, but it's illegal for you to be in the country?

MATT CHAPMAN: I'm not allowed to be set foot on mainland United States.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Now, is that because of the bowl thing, where you're talking into people's laps?

MATT CHAPMAN: {laughs} They don't like that; they frown on that in the states.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: This one time, Matt and I went to Soups R Us, and uh, he embarrassed this kind old gentlemen so so much. He was eating a butternut, uh, squash soup. And, uh, Matt just started talking into it.

MATT CHAPMAN: I thought it needed some berberations.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: It pro... It probably did... not. I mean, is what the manager thought. And the police. So, uh, it's great that you let me onto your boat. I think... uh, you know, what... everybody is gonna be wondering, listening to this. And thank you to everybody that is listening to the Bumperpodcast, and again I apologize for the microphone, we're very far field right now from headquarters. Uhm... you know... uh when peopl— They go to your website, they look at your funny cartoons... y—you do.. you guys draw 'em in... Mario-style Paint, I think.

MATT CHAPMAN: Mhm, Mario-style Paint. It's new, for the 3DS.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Uh, if anyone doesn't know, it's like improv, but with cartoons, would you say?

MATT CHAPMAN: I—..It is exactly like that.

NATTY BUMPERCAR: I mean, I—It's just that I'm just trying to put a pin on it, is what I was trying to do. But, d—do you guys have a plan? Like, when are you going to come back full force and every week, give us a new Strong Bad cartoon?

MATT CHAPMAN: Oh, well Natty, I have an answer for that. A definitive answer! For that question!

NATTY BUMPERCAR: Woo! Everybody listen in! Okay!

{The audio cuts to static}

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