Penguin Brothers Interview - 26 May 2003

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On May 26th, 2003, "Purple Penguin" of conducted a short interview with Mike Chapman:

[edit] Transcript

If names like Strongbad and Trogdor fail to get your blood boiling, then you've been missing out on something special. For the rest of you knowledgeable folks, I had the extreme honor to lay down my seven questions upon 1/2 of the Brothers Chaps. Check it out:

PURPLE PENGUIN: What is your creative background prior to

MIKE CHAPMAN: I went to the University of Georgia and majored in art. Photography to be exact, but I had to take drawing and painting classes. I took art in high school and took classes at the art center in our neighborhood when I was in elementary school.

PURPLE PENGUIN: I don't want to make you pick favorites, but which character do you feel the most invested in, or feel has developed more than the others.

MIKE CHAPMAN: Well, obviously Strong Bad is the most developed as he has the most screen time. Then Homestar. The characters I'm most excited about developing further are Bubs and old timey Homestar.

PURPLE PENGUIN: I have noticed even though most of your energies are seemingly put into a new Strong Bad E-mail each week, you occasionally still find the time to release a new short or even a game! What is your schedule concerning the site?

MIKE CHAPMAN: Other than Sundays being set aside to make the weekly Strong Bad E-mail, there is no real schedule. Just whatever we have time for. We always have a couple non-Strong Bad E-mail projects going on at any given time...a game, new menu screen, short toon, etc.

PURPLE PENGUIN: So where does Missy Palmer fit in on the Homestar Runner timeline, and how was she "discovered"?

MIKE CHAPMAN: She is my girlfriend. We started dating just before the site started in January of 2000.

PURPLE PENGUIN: Musically, the website is very powerful. I've heard a story about a whole midnight crowd for Rocky Horror Picture Show breaking into "Trogdor" as it played over the sound system. I'll try not to make this a "where does funny come from?" question, but where does your music come from?

MIKE CHAPMAN: We listened to a lot of hair metal in the '80s: Motley Crue, Guns N' Roses, Faster Pussycat, etc.

PURPLE PENGUIN: What directions do you see the Homestar Runner universe moving in? What crazy merchandise would you like to see in the future?

MIKE CHAPMAN: I would like to see a breakfast cereal.

PURPLE PENGUIN: Okay: Frankly, I don't care how Strong Bad can type with gloves on, but how can Homestar type with no hands?

MIKE CHAPMAN: I don't really have an answer. Even I don't know that.

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