ROFLCon - 26 Apr 2008

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Matt Chapman answers a question.

On April 26, 2008 The Brothers Chaps appeared at the ROFLCon convention at Cambridge, MA. The purpose of the convention was to explore various internet phenomenons. The title of their panel was "Making It Big." They brought their Nintendo DSs with them as they did at Flashforward 2006.

At the panel, audience members were able to enter questions on a website, and they would appear on a large screen. The number one question asked the Brothers Chaps to do the voices of their characters, but this was ignored by the moderator. Another popular question was "How does Strong Bad type with boxing gloves on?" Matt responded in Strong Bad's voice, saying "I will kill whoever asked that question.", similar to the response to the same question at the Alamo Drafthouse appearance in 2005.

When asked about banner ads, The Brothers Chaps replied that they would abandon before they would ever use banner ads as a source of revenue. This met great applause.

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