Media Television - 22 May 2004

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On Citytv (a Canadian television station), Mike and Matt Chapman were interviewed on their MediaTelevision program (a half-hour show covering what was dubbed "the art & science of persuasion"). Later in the show, one of the hosts decided to check out Videlectrix's headquarters, only to find a lobby and a poorly disguised Matt Chapman as the CEO. Instead of giving a tour of the building, the CEO just gave a tour around the lobby, showing the host some of the games showcased. The CEO also called Strong Bad "some marshmallow guy". Afterward, there was a game of word association:

HOST: What do you think of when you hear the word "Atari"?
CEO: Success.
HOST: X-Box.
CEO: Oh, I just had a shot for that.
CEO: I usually just write P.S.S. at the end of my letters.

Afterward, the host tries to get into the building again, only to find that it's gone, except for an NES controller and a note that said "The Future?"

[edit] Fun Facts

  • "P.S." stands for "Post Script", to denote an extra thought at the end of a letter. For more than one of these, "Post Post Script" is correct, not the CEO's "Post Script Script".

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