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Many contributors are behind the making of Homestar Runner. Though the work is primarily created by The Brothers Chaps, many others have contributed in producing both the website and various spin-off media.


[edit] The Brothers Chaps

Two brothers from the Atlanta area who create and run Homestar Runner and its related corporation Harmless Junk, Inc.

[edit] Relatives

Family members have contributed in various ways — assisting with the store, voicing and writing characters, or simply providing inspiration for toons.

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[edit] Production

[edit] Toon Production

[edit] Acting

Voice acting and/or appearing in video.

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[edit] DVD Production

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[edit] Programming

Primarily for games, though Howe has contributed to other functions of the website.

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[edit] Music

Primarily for songs on the website, music for games, or the album Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits.

[edit] Individuals

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[edit] Bands

[edit] Merchandise

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[edit] See Also

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